Our desire for a tryst with destiny coupled with the dot-com boom has nurtured the world of online dating. There are apps everywhere selling you the one-stop destination to find you that one perfect partner for all your needs.  

But, my question is whether there is such a thing as a perfect partner? Have you found one online? Everybody has different stories. But in my quest to find the answer, I digged through the Internet and found some horrific online dating experiences people have shared virtually.

WARNING: These have provoked me to give online dating a second thought. So, proceed with caution. 🙂 

1. Here’s an immensely absurd short story for you

A story of rejection, revenge, and getting catfished.

2. People just get weirder

3. Imagine dating a person who don’t tell you they were married

4. Have you ever been ghosted?

Getting stood up is exactly the kind of date nobody wants.

Ghosting is immensely inappropriate, unacceptable, and highly disrespectful. And if it has happened to you then just know that it speaks volumes about the ‘ghosters’ and not the ‘ghostees.’ What this Quora user has to say reflects how ghosting is an everyday affair in the online dating world.

Yeah, that happened to me as well. Months ago, I was talking to a guy who I met online. We talked for about 3 months and we were talking about seeing each other when all of a sudden he disappeared. He came back a month later saying he ghosted me because of another girl and told me he came back because things didn’t work out with her. Unfortunately, a lot of people online do this.


5. There is no dearth of superficial people

Sometimes, it is all superficial. You don’t know anything about the other person apart from a few sentences and one display picture. You could never know when you’re being catfished. And be honest, are you and your online profile the same person? Everybody tries to project the aspirational, ideal version of their lives in a virtual setting. And then some judge you when your profile is — in quotes — not up to the mark.

We are a lot more than our social media profiles. Some people just don’t seem to get it.

Cooking at my place on our first meet-up? A NO GO!!

The amount of inferiority complex, self-doubt that gets nurtured online is unimaginable.

6. You never know when you’re being catfished

So many people have got cat fished out there. Look at what this Quora user says about their terrible experience.

Happened to me, I conducted an entire investigation. This monster manipulated me and psychologically tortured me. I slowly started finding out and they desperately kept trying to keep their hold on me, still pretending to be the character they invented.

Oh! And here’s a list of cons for you

7. Dating sites are flooding with con artists

And if you’ve watched The Tinder Swindler, you’d know that there is no dearth of con artists out there. Look how this Quora user found out that she was being scammed.

Began to realise when they started asking for certain things from me… i.e. iTunes card and money. And the language didn’t seem right, sometimes perfect English, then other times it was like you were talking to a foreigner.

There are always two sides of the stories. For every one ‘happily-ever after,’ there are so many people who have also been scammed, ghosted, conned, judged for their appearance and what not.

What is your take on online dating? Do you like it or stand completely against it? What is your experience?