Open relationships have always been a debatable topic to discuss in terms of how ethical this concept is. While many lovebirds find monogamy cool AF, some couples prefer to experiment with the idea of having no boundaries while they are dating. But do open relationships work? I wonder.


Open relationship is a dating concept of non-monogamy in which a couple agrees to be romantically and sexually involved with other people on mutual terms. Couples indulge into such relationships while staying committed to each other in their primary partnership. Speaking of which, a Reddit user grabbed our eyeballs for discussing about open relationships on the platform. Majority of Redditors feel that it isn’t for them.

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No, I wouldn’t. I want my spouse to be interested in me and only me.  


No. I want commitment and love. There shouldn’t be room for another person in a relationship. Other than the two in it, of course.  


To me an “open” relationship isn’t really a relationship at all.  


I’m in a semi-open relationship atm (at the moment), she doesn’t care that I sleep with others. I do. Kinda. Hypocritical, I know. It’s been nice to have the possibility to fool around, but after a fun night with a classmate a few weeks back I’ve come to realize that this relationship is falling apart. I don’t think it’s because of the openness, but it just showed me what it was like to be desired again. And what it’s like to desperately want someone. Which is kinda non-existent now after 5 years. Anyway, they work for some, not for others. Each to their own, but I’ve appreciated it.


The thought makes me uncomfortable. Def not for me but i don’t judge.  


Whatever works for people idc it’s your life. Personally I couldn’t do that. I know I’m a jealous person and I’d lose my mind in an open relationship.


I think they’re for people with commitment problems and cucks so hell no, why would I be in a relationship that’s not a relationship.  


They’re dumb, it’s just a way for ppl to sleep with whoever they want while still having someone to fall back on if things don’t work out. I’ll never be in one and if my gf ask for one I’m leaving. If they can’t do it openly they’ll do it secretly.


A Reddit user jotted down two reasons of why he won’t let indulge himself into an open relationship.

My reasons are selfish. I wouldn’t get into a relationship with any else it would really be a free to fuck who ever you want pass for my partner while I sit at home jerking off. I don’t really like sharing and like they idea of two people giving their all to one another.


“Ethically non-monogomous” is just “swinger” re-branded and re-sold. Every relationship is different. If it actually works for some people, that’s good for them.  


It is definitely not for everyone. But for some it works out great.  


Dumb, just be single if you want to sleep around.  


Personally don’t see the advantages to it. but i don’t knock it for people it works for. im just so jealous and want one unconditional love.  


People go into them thinking it’s easier but really I would imagine it’s harder. You have to deal with extra people, boundaries, and emotions just so you can get extra physical needs? Go by an adult store and pick out a toy, it’s definitely not something I’d be into and it’s hard to see the appeal honestly.


I don’t believe that they are healthy. Even if people claim they are, someone eventually will become jealous. Humans are complex creatures and it’s enough work to have a good relationship with one person, let alone get multiple people involved. Sex isn’t meaningless, it’s an intimate thing that creates bonds for most people, so I don”t really believe those relationships work out if the couple truly loves each other.  


Open relationships are neither treated as a cheating or an affair as it involves a mutual agreement between partners and other people who are involved in it. Like closed relationships, “there are rules, boundaries, and expectations” that define what each partner is comfortable with”, Chris Leeth, a professor from University of Texas told Insider.

“The defining feature is that both partners are aware of the nature of the relationship and agree to it.”

-Chris Leeth

Open relationship is definitely a personal choice. However, for me, monogamy is cool AF cos dal-chawal for pachaas saal till you die is a beautiful feeling if a right person comes into the picture.