The ideology of dating and relationships has changed to a great extent. But one thing that is still the same is the ‘business of wooing’. The ball is still in the guy’s court and the irony is, they so want the girls to start the game. So, gather up your confidence and ask him out on that first date.  

1. Do you and that cutie from your college play the same sport? Or is he into music like you? Find out what is common between both of you and use it as your trump card to get some quality time with him. 

2. If you are someone who forgets the pickup lines the moment your crush makes eye contact and says ‘Hi’, then trust the ‘old-school’ plan and ask him out for a coffee. 

3. Or, play it safe by using the super chic ‘ticket technique’. Walk up to him and tell him about the extra ticket you have and ask him if he wants to accompany you. It takes off the pressure of a ‘date’. 

4. Use the typical bar scene that guys use all the time. If they can do it, why can’t we? 

5. Guys love when girls compliment them. So compliment your crush on his style and follow it by asking him to give you some tips on the same sometime. 

6. If you’re the shy one who feels really awkward asking a guy out in person, take the lead and text him telling that you will be around and that if he’s free, you both can catch up. If he is into you, he’ll not let this opportunity go in vain. 

7. Draw some inspiration from those romantic love letters. Slip a cute note in his bag telling him that you like him and want to go out on a date. He can’t help but blush. 

So, be a woman and ask him out. It’s not that complicated sweetheart.