The easiest way to spice up your sex life is to have sex. But, we all know that even sex can get monotonous with your partner after a while. And no, this doesn’t mean you love your partner any lesser. It’s just a natural human desire to keep craving new, exciting experiences. 

Wish to ignite the old excitement and desires as they were during the ‘honeymoon phase’ of your relationship? Here are 10 things you can do to spice up your sex life again.

1. Play Truth or Dare, only with a twist.

We’re all familiar with the age-old game of truth or dare. However, to reignite the excitement, play the game and take the notch a little higher. Let all your truths be around sex and relationship with your partner, and let all the dares be the things you want from your partner. (Physically, of course!) 

2. Try different positions.

If you’ve been stuck with missionary since forever and have reached a point where sex is getting boring, you might wanna change your positions. And there are multiple out there. Discuss with your partner and explore different positions to see what really floats your boat.

3. Rekindle the romance.

Go for a candlelight dinner, plan a date night, spend time cuddling, hugging, holding hands, or just talking to each other. Sex could be a lot of fun and a lot more intense once you resurface your unabashed love and care for each other.

4. Just use sex toys.

I feel sex toys are still very underrated. It’s always a great idea to keep experimenting in your sex life to derive the maximum pleasure together. And these toys can really do the trick! 

5. Tease each other.

There’s nothing like a good tease. Not only will it bring the excitement back, but you’ll also get to share a good laugh with your partner. This just makes the entire process all the more fun. Play with yourself, play with their ear, or do literally anything you know would set your partner’s hormones on fire.

6. Share your fantasies.

Get candid and launch your honest confession mode. Let your partner know what your fantasies are, and ask if they’d be comfortable playing them out. You never know, the secret to an exciting sex life might be a fantasy locked up in your head!

7. Get flirty.

Remember the time when you both had barely begun dating, and every sentence of yours was a cheesy flirtatious line? Where has it gone now? You can flirt with each other even when you’re in a relationship. In fact, it could be a lot more fun. 

8. Pack your bags and go on a romantic trip.

Bring your ‘vacay mood’ and switch locations. Find an aesthetic, romantic getaway destination and rekindle your love, romance, and sex life. The change of location can really boost your sex life since you’re away from the daily stress of work and life, back at home.

9. Plan a date and hype each other up.

Book a date for sex like a week or two from now and hype each other up meanwhile. You can even decide on a no-touch policy until the designated date to further entice the sexual energies. Once you reach the date that’s actually set aside for sex, you’ve no option but to unleash your pent-up excitement and have the time of your life with each other.

10. Don’t let sexting die out!

Even if you are practically living with your partner now, don’t let the fun and excitement of sexting days die out. Whenever you’re away, just send suggestive texts to your partner and tease them a little bit. You never know, it might all be worth it when you meet again. 

Tell me you’ve already picked your favourite!