We walk by people every day, unaware of their stories, unaware of their happiness, grief, fears or strengths. But if we pause to listen or observe, everyone has a wonderful story to tell.

Facebook page Humans of Bombay, brings us stories of people every day, ordinary people, just like you and I, but their stories are always extraordinary.


Their post featuring an old couple is one of the many, that will resonate with each of us.  


Their answer to what is the biggest thing they have learnt in life will strike a chord in your heart. Life really is short!

“We’re childhood sweethearts and have to accept that at any point, one of us could lose the other…that the only love we’ve known all our lives may be gone tomorrow.”

These two people in love tell us that it’s not necessary to be alike to be together, you can be poles apart and still be in love. 

They deal with the brevity of time by actually valuing what they have.

“We’re poles apart — I pray for 45 minutes a day and he doesn’t even remember the last time he went to a temple but love doesn’t mean you have to become clones of each other… it’s about loving those differences.”

Their advice to us youngsters is really simple – to feel and express love, to live the present.

“Love harder than you have ever before. You take things for granted and before you know it, you reach our age and you look back and wish that you had said ‘I love you’ more, or that you hadn’t let one argument stretch on for days. It’s simple really – live and love today, leave nothing for tomorrow.”

This really is as beautiful and heartwarming as it gets and to all those people who think they cannot be together because they are different – this gives hope.

You can read the entire post here.