I have always been fascinated with the concept of Karva Chauth, a day when married as well as unmarried women fast, so that their beloveds can live longer. I don’t know how that works, but it is amazing to see the dedication with which women observe the occasion. Many of them don’t even drink water till the moonrise. 

I respect women who observe Karva Chauth. But I’m not one of them. I do not fast for my husband on this day. There are other ways in which I express my love and support. 

We have been an ‘us’ for more than a decade now, but I still need some time alone for ‘me’. He understands that, and so I do the same for him.

We start looking for grand gestures in our relationships. But often, it’s the small things that we forget, or just overlook. We underestimate the difference these can make.

It is these small gestures that go a long way. And whether he notices or not, I’ll always do these for him.

When you’re happy, the world seems to be celebrating with you. But it’s the hard times when you feel all alone. No matter what, I make sure he never has to feel alone.

Everyone wants a ‘match made in heaven.’ There’s no such thing. Relationships are like a garden. You start from scratch and work at it constantly, to keep it beautiful. But if you get lazy, your garden will lose its beauty and slowly turn to nothing. I’ll never stop working on my relationship, because I know he’s worth the effort.

When you share a life together, it’s not enough to be husband – wife. I am there for him, being whoever he needs me to be: a friend, a confidant, a critic, a mother… but most importantly, being his family. Because having your family around is the most comforting feeling in the world.

It is easy to become someone’s weakness, but to be someone’s rock, you need to make yourself strong. You need to fight whatever the world throws at you, and get up stronger every time you fall. I will always do that for him.

Speaking of lambi umar, I don’t think Karva Chauth is the only way to attain that. This generation could seriously do with some healthier lifestyle changes. For that, we need to make some hard choices. Like between pizza and oats. And dragging yourself out of bed in the morning to go for a run. I keep pushing us both towards that goal, so we can be healthy, happy and together for longer.

In the end, fast or no fast, it’s about the effort we put into a relationship. It’s about becoming a better person. 

So no, I don’t fast for my husband on Karva Chauth. Does that make me a terrible wife? You tell me.