My ‘250+ Tinder matches’ ego came crashing down when a girl asked me my Uber rating. To my surprise, a conversation that hit off instantly from that right swipe, suddenly ended when I told her mine. 

Sugar, spice and everything nice; with an Uber rating of 4.9.

It’s true, ratings have become the new cool and a major criterion even in the dating world, and from what I hear, this trend has even extended to the whole ‘rishta scene’ as well. It’s fair to say that it’s high time to start paying more attention to what your Uber Bhaiyya might have to say, or maybe take permission from him before getting your pet along for the ride?

After all, it’s his evaluation that could determine your chances of finding ‘the one’. 

Even though the Tinder conversation was a real setback, it got me thinking: my Uber rides have always been awkwardly silent so far, I can either decide to match my ratings to higher standards or expect to be un-matched a lot more. When this happened, I decided to look into this more and found that it’s not just me who’s concerned about his low Uber ratings; comedians Naveen Richard and Sumukhi Suresh are equally terrified. 

So be a little kinder to your Uber driver, and Cupid might be a little kinder to you. See once the initial sting wore off, I realised what was happening wasn’t all that bad. It made sense, that in this big, bad world- we’re being judged by how well we treat those who serve us- and what better way to ascertain that than Uber ratings?

If your Uber rating is as bad as mine (I’m not disclosing it, just know that it’s pretty bad), you might find yourself doing some strange things- just like Sumukhi and Naveen. Some of these hacks worked for me too, but I’m not telling you how I found them. You’re going to have to work towards your own redemption.

If you really really want to know, reply here with your Uber rating, and I might just tell you how to find a fix!