Hyocheon Jeong‘s illustrations on love are going to tug at your heartstrings and make you pine for your other half. 

She expresses love in its purest form, the love in everyday activities. The first thing these illustrations bring to mind is – if you’re in love. everything is beautiful. 

Staying back for a few moments after a good movie.

Don’t wanna let you go.

A hot bubble bath with you.

Breakfast in bed, together.

Cooking your favourite food for you and then watching you eat. 

My idea of a perfect date.

Spending every vacation with you.

In a crowd of people, I only see you.

Just spending a day together doing nothing.

Your kisses feel like roses against my skin.

Kiss in the rain.

You’re prettier than the stars.

You’re the lyrics to the song I wanna dance on every day.

Let’s build a home together.

Kissing under the blanket of stars.

Always there for even the smallest of things.

You’re my moment of quiet in the chaos of this world.

Sleeping in your arms.

There is nowhere else I would rather be.

Love makes the most mundane activities adventurous.

Letting it all go in your embrace.

All pictures are from Hyocheon Jeong’s Instagram. You can see more of her brilliant work here.