Indian TV shows and movies have mostly portrayed in-laws in negative light. They give us a feeling that living with in-laws can be hell for a woman. What’s the truth exactly? Only those who have been there can tell.

1. “My partner’s mother cannot tolerate that I earn more than my him and also doesn’t understand why I need him to participate equally in housework. She keeps saying her husband doesn’t even help her a bit and says I have it so much better because my partner helps me out though not equally.” – rmatthai


2. “My presence in their private space bothered them so they kept finding reasons to alienate me. I bore with it until they started accusing me of harming my sister in law’s children. And started instigating my husband. I called my father and poured my heart and and said I want a divorce. But they did not allow me to just leave. The drama that ensued made my sister in law’s husband separate from her and I went to my place with the kid. Eventually my husband realised that his family ain’t shit and came back to me.” – aluva_fox


3. “I was given a dialogue… “bahu ke rehte hue bhi bete ke peeche mujhe hi bhagna pad raha. (Doodh pile. Juice pile. Badam khale).” I’m not his PA either. Why can’t he make his own milk shake or whatever?” – my_100th_acc

4. “My in-laws have a huge problem with short clothes. So I don’t wear them in front of them. Arrangements have to be made to hide that but I can do that. My MIL also had a problem with me coming to the kitchen before taking a bath. I didn’t budge and I stood my ground. So she doesn’t say anything now.” – swat_mobile

5. “I told my husband that we will live separate from both sets of parents. Thankfully he was completely on board and we are very happy. Despite the distance, they sometimes manage to get under our skin but we get over it soon after we cut the WhatsApp call.” – boondikaladdoo

6. “My parents wanted my wife to obey their word like the law. It got worse during the pandemic when I was working from home. I understood this is not going to work and moved out with my wife. My parents didn’t talk to me for 2 years and now they have started talking as if nothing ever happened.” – Justalurker1992

7. “I actually have a pretty badass sister-in-law. My brother totally always has her back. My parents are mostly non-confrontational and ‘live and let live’ kinda people. But sometimes the generational gap and the gap in expectations can be problematic. When my parents have slightly unreasonable expectations, she will politely tell them that it won’t work for her. Other than that, if it escalates my brother and (sometimes I) will have a conversation with them. Husbands are key in this dynamic.” – modinotmodi


8. “I thought long and hard before saying yes in an arranged marriage. We can’t escape in laws, so I had to make sure I got to know them before I said yes, kept my interactions with them separately from my would-be husband to try and form an independent bond with them. And only after understanding that I can gel with my in laws, I said yes.” –  level 1 love_marine_world

9. “We are both doctors. My father-in-law, regularly visits us. We both are the only doctors in our whole family, so when ever any one suffers from even a trivial medical condition they consult with us and you’ll find some or the other relative at our house. We live in a 3BHK home so people think that their no inconvenience caused to us. But the truth is that after having a hectic day I want to come to my home and have a relaxed time not to entertain or nurse the relatives.” – Anonymous


10. “I’m an Indian working woman living with my mother-in-law. It is always good to have a mother-like figure at home to guide us and taunt us(sometimes). At the end of the day, you will always be received by someone at home and that feeling is priceless. Whenever I have to travel out of city for work, there is no need to worry about taking care of the home. And my MIL takes good care of my health and we both plan our expenses and future together.” – Janu

11. “We live separately but my in-laws live nearby. So it’s like we go to their home on every second weekend, on all the festivals or possibly when needed.” – Prachi Bansal

12. “I have been living with my in-laws ever since we got married. In my opinion there is nothing wrong in staying with in-laws. There are many benefits like my mother-in-law cooks the food, takes care of our child and treats me like her daughter.” –  Dr. Navya Mk

13. “When my husband (boyfriend then) and I discussed marriage and life, I was very clear. I told him I would not stay with his parents, especially the first five years of our life together. It has been more than 20 years since I got married. We called my husband’s parents to the city we live in and bought a house for them 5 minutes away from ours. That way we are not in each others’ face, but we are still there for them and can reach out to them in no time if required, and we can take care of them and all their needs. For now, this works for me as well as for them.” –  Yamini Ayyagari

14. “Without a blink I will stay with in-laws. I am extremely lucky to have awesome in-laws. My FIL is the biggest pillar of support for me. He takes care of me like a child. He will drop me and pick me up. My MIL is a very innocent person. She will always cook, purchase new traditional items, clothes, etc.” –  Riya Parth

15. “Personally I don’t prefer staying with in-laws 24/7 immediately after marriage. Consider this, They are in their late 50s and I – in my mid twenties. I would prefer a quick cooking, she might want an elaborate cooking, I would like to stay in tracks pants the whole day, she might want me to be at least in kurta. I would want to cuddle with my husband while watching TV, she might see it as another world…” – Priya Arun

What has been your experience?