There is no relationship as pure or as dysfunctional as a brother-sister relationship. Pure, because there is unmatched love and dysfunctional because nobody is more annoying as your very own sibling. But then they accept you as you are; weird, lame, dumb and most importantly, they trust you and save your ass on numerous occasions. Siblings are an important lesson in art that is social behaviour, for they are the first in the line of people, you can observe closely, have to live, bear and share with.

So let’s have a look at how this amazing relationship works through these infographics.

1. The tales of brotherly love.

2. Let’s be honest. You are selfish.

3. In your defence, they watch stupid TV shows.

4. There is always a plot twist they never see coming.

5. Even if you managed to manage to grow up somehow… Who are we kidding!

6. And if you happen to be a 90s kid, your sibling is doomed.

7. Let’s face it. This is just true.

8. They are actually done with your shit!

9. Unmatched. You could put Petyr Baelish to shame.

10. And Raksha Bandhan is a sham.

11. This is literally the worst thing your siblings do.

12. But come on! They aren’t all that bad.

13. They are kinda assholes about this, but they have your back.

14. But even their loyalty comes at a price.

15. But they always save you from a major beatdown by your dad. So it’s okay.

Let’s be honest. Sometimes, you have this sharp feeling in your heart, which tells you to kill them in their sleep. But ask yourself, where would you be without them.

Designs by: Sanil Modi