Heartbreak is complicated. There is no protocol. There are no rules. But there are a lot of things that help one to get over a heartbreak – Music, movies, friends and countless others.

But words hit the hardest. They pull at all the right chords and help you to either feel your pain or get over it.

Here are some beautiful words penned down by Instagrammer, Mari Andrew that will make you feel all sorts of things.

How can you forget someone you loved?

Does anyone have the answer to this question?

And please take care of him.

Time does heal.

Anything to feel connected to you one last time.

‘Emotionally unavailable’ is a perpetual state.

Somethings will never change.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Feeling free.

“I’m with you but I can’t be with you.”

But I hope it ends right here.

Heart attach.

Love is tough. Heartbreak is tougher.