If you have another human in your life competing for your parents’ attention, you will relate to it. If your wardrobe doubles up as a 24-hour clothing store (with no money to be earned), you will relate to it. 

Presenting, this Instagram account growingupwithsiblings which basically sums up the struggles of living with siblings. Admit it, we hate to love them!

Guarding your wardrobe becomes like guarding the Fort Knox.

When it’s true that you can’t recall what you wrote for your exams yesterday. But then this is also true.

 Being your very own personal troll and snitch is a job they do pro-bono.

When TV  continues even in the Netflix era.

Pretty sure Darwin’s siblings helped him develop his theory on struggle for existence.

Those times when the line blood is thicker than water holds no meaning.

When you are aagyakaari but also atyaachari.

When you can find new ways to be ironical.

When you learn the power of saying “no” early on.

When you have siblings, you can throw privacy out of the window and shut the door on it.

When nothing is safe around them, not even your charger.


When you wish they would have just called you ugly.


Despite all the bickering and the endless arguments with your siblings, one truth reigns supreme. And it is this.

All images sourced from : growingupwithsiblings