A moving tale of a couple in Japan has touched hearts all over the world and is reminding people of the popular romantic movie, 50 First Dates.


The movie starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore shows the female protagonist, suffering from short term memory loss. She is reminded of her relationship with her boyfriend, every day. From scratch.

A similar fate was written for the couple, Li Huayu and Maruyama. After an accident, Maruyama suffered head injuries that led her to lose her memory. Her boyfriend decided to not give up and made his amnesiac girlfriend fall in love with him every day.

As reported by Oddity Central, the couple had been dating for two and a half years. The two had even discussed marriage. But that was before Maruyama got into a terrible accident. Their lives changed completely after that.


Around nine months ago, the 24-year-old was riding her bike, a car crashed into her, leaving Maruyama in a coma. As she woke up, she had no recollection of who she was, let alone people in her life. She did not even recognise her parents or her boyfriend. 

In the hope that Maruyama will eventually get better, Li stuck around, hoping she will remember the love they once shared and things will get back to normal.


Unfortunately, despite the regular check ups and trips to the doctor, the only thing that healed were the physical injuries. Her memory did not come back and showed no improvement whatsoever. In fact, things only got worse.


Fed up, she even suggested they break up. Only to be met with a downright no. 

Li was adamant, he said,

“You may have lost your memories, but we can make new ones.”

The doctor who tended to her suggested that Maruyama keep a diary wherein she could note down all the happenings of the day before, which made it easier for her to not panic each morning.


One day reading about Li, seeing his dedication and loyalty to her and the relationship they had, Maruyama was more than touched. With an epiphany, she realised he was the one and decided to propose to him.

“Thank you for your care during this time. You understand me very well and have always tolerated this sensitive and fragile version of me,” the young woman said. “Recently my symptoms have become more and more serious. Doctors say that the amnesia may get even worse. I may lose my memory again, even forget you forever, are you still willing to be with me?” 

Li did not hesitate for even a moment to accept her proposal. 


During a recent television show, Maruyama said,

“Because of my amnesia, I have the chance to fall in love with him again. No matter how many times I lose my memory, I believe I will always fall in love with him.”

We are deeply moved with this heartfelt story of the two lovers who made us believe in love, all over again.