Live-in relationships are still relatively unacceptable in India. I mean, there are a few sections of society that are slowly and gradually opening their minds towards the idea of pre-marital intimacy and live-in relationships, but the change is not significant.


People around will give you all sorts of looks and make vile comments if you are living with your partner. So what does this mean? Does Indian society accept live-in relationships?

Someone recently asked Reddit India how common are live-in relationships in India and people shared their experiences and observations.

Some people think it’s more about the city where you are planning to live-in with your partner.

The conclusion being that people think live-in relationships are common in metro cities and suburbs around them like Noida, Gurgaon, etc.

Then there are others who feel it’s not as much about the city as it is about the mindset of the family members. Ours is a conservative society.

A majority of couples living together keep it a secret from their parents and families.

And if you are keeping it a secret, this person has some tips.

Then there’s the rare breed who live together with their parents’ knowledge. Goes without saying this happens only in tier-1 cities.

The problem of finding a rented house is real though.

Bollywood movies and TV shows, these days, are showcasing live-in relationships in India but we still have a long way to go as far as the ground situation is concerned.