Real love graces us in the latent moments of intimacy, finding joy in weird activities and sharing lives beyond the photographs we upload on social media. 

And artist Amanda Oleander knows that. Amanda illustrates such regular-looking founding moments of relationships and they capture everything we do with our dear ones out in the open, and in private.

Here are some of her drawings capturing oodles of love that’ll remind you of what love truly stands for: 

1. Dozing off on your partner’s shoulder on movie nights. 

2. The honest effort that goes into untangling your girl’s locks.

3. Stargazing together is always a good idea. 

4. Snuggle and sleep? Yes please. 

5. Sharing is loving. 

6. This total guilty pleasure. 

7. Calling for attention be like…

8. Love’s the way to recharge the soul!

9. When doing errands together is fun, you know you’re with the right one. 

10. These fun moments with the significant other.

11. Finding love in the li’l baby and messy household chores. 

12. Sharing that vulnerable grey-hair moment. 

13. In sickness and in health.

14. Because love means sacrificing things at times.

15. There’s no one I’d rather be with. 

16. Irrespective of days, that heartache during goodbyes is real.

17. Love blossoms in grocery stores and shopping carts.