The relationship between siblings is like an emotional roller coaster ride. One moment, they’ll be watching a movie peacefully, minutes later, they’d be ready to kill each other. I know it is kind of weird but that is how it is. If you have a sibling, you’d know what I am talking about. 

But they say, younger siblings are evil. Yeah, for real! Being a younger sibling myself, I cringed at that statement but when I reflected upon my 24 years of existence, I realised how evil I was. Younger siblings, you know what I am talking about. 

To all the elder siblings in the world, this one’s for you. 

1. Your younger sibling pretends to be mature enough to keep your secrets but they later use it to blackmail you.

2. They not only steal all your clothes but also ruin them.

3. They have their own stuff but their eyes are always on the fancy stuff you own.

4. When they frame you for their crimes. 

5. They use the weapon of tears to destroy you.

6. They know that they can get away with shit so they do any fucking thing.

7. While you are the responsible one, they are always the ‘kid’ of the family. 

 8. Never in the history of mankind, have younger siblings returned your stuff in one piece. 

9. If you’ve lost your clothes, you haven’t. Your younger sibling took it.

10. They are pampered like crazy so they throw a fit every time you say ‘no’ to them.

11. The most powerful ammunition for a younger sibling is knowing that their elder sibling is secretly dating someone.

12. The younger sibling finds sadistic pleasure in seeing the older sibling getting scolded by their parents.

Tell us how your younger sibling is evil. 

Design credits: Chhabi Parmar