If you use dating applications frequently, you must have heard the terms ‘swipe left’ and ‘swipe right’. You probably already know how a good picture or an interesting bio can earn the right swipe. But, have you ever wondered what are the things that make people swipe left?

In a couple of answers on the internet, men revealed the things that turn them off about dating profiles of women and make them swipe left. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Digital Trends

1. “Snapchat filters. I don’t want to see 10 pictures of you with a cute dog filter.”

2. “Whenever their profiles are all about wanting to travel. Are you even going to be available to date?”

3. “Star signs. ‘If you’re a Leo, we’re not compatible’. If you believe that shit, then no, we’re not.”

4. “The profiles that only have close-ups of the face or the ones that only have photos where the face is hard to see (obscured or lights in the background) annoy me.”

5. “A list of requirements.”

6. “When they write “I don’t check this, message me on Instagram/Snapchat.”

7. “The words ‘entertain me’ gets an immediate swipe left. Do I look like I work at a circus?”

8. “A list of the “type” of people they won’t date.”

9. “Even though I’m 6’2, I would never date someone who says or whose bio says that the guy must be at least 6 feet tall.”

10. “I see this a lot. “I’m the type of texter who takes 2 days to respond.” I’m sure some girls are joking about it. I’m not needy but I was in a relationship once where my girlfriend never responded to my texts because she thought being a “bad texter” was her thing. It was extremely obnoxious, especially because we were in a long-distance relationship. Being a bad communicator isn’t a flex.”

11. “When the person is married.”

12. “I was sent a Google Form to fill out by a girl on Tinder. When I asked her if she was serious, she said it was a joke. Later, she got dry with our conversation, after I didn’t fill out the form. So, I said that ‘this isn’t going to be for me, it was fun talking to you’ and just left the conversation. I’m fairly certain now that it wasn’t a joke, considering her enthusiasm was dropped to 0 after I refused to fill out the form. The starting paragraph exactly said, “If you would like to be considered as a candidate for the next step in this process (i.e. a first date) please read on.” The best part is that every question on the form is a question I would easily answer if she just asked me. “How long have you been on dating apps?”, “Why did you swipe on me?” and  “How are you paying for things?” But the way each one is phrased and the fact that she’s not asking me, it’s something I have to answer in a form was a huge no for me. I’m not going to fill out a form to be “considered as a candidate” and then judged by someone I barely know to maybe have the opportunity to go on a date with them.”

13. “Every picture on their profile has sunglasses and/or a hat.”

14. “A group photo with friends as the main photo. The person is never the one you hope it’s going to be in the photo.”

15. “Some philosophical quote next to a bad selfie.”

16. “Demanding all the things the man is supposed to do/give/treat her while offering literally nothing in return, except her presence.”

17. “Generic filler statements like “I like to laugh and have fun.” Like, pretty much every human being? Wow, exciting!”

18. “Calling yourself a queen or princess. Including that awful line about how if we can’t handle you at your worst, we don’t deserve you at your best.”

– dcute69

19. “Pictures exclusively at bars and clubs. I’m not partying all the time.”

– Jsivic

20. “I once saw an attractive woman on Tinder, who had a bio saying, “I think all men are awful people. Be the one to prove me wrong!” Which made me turn completely off her and swipe left. Why would I want to meet with someone who automatically thinks I’m an awful person? The whole anti-male thingy is a turn-off.”

Ladies, take notes!