Before we find ‘the one’ (or not), a lot of us witness relationships that don’t work out. Of course, it is quite exhausting later, but that doesn’t dismiss the good times or memories that once existed. But, imagine a showcase of these stories and memories. I mean, not creepily, but more like a reminder to draw from.


A Twitter user shared something that’s just about it – Museum of Broken Relationships. It is literally what it sounds. The museum is a physical and virtual public space with stories and memories in the form of symbolic possessions – so anything from a watch to a coffee cup that meant something in a relationship. 

She also shared the exhibits from the museum which are quite heartbreaking, but again, hold a lot of meaning. Basically, things that look simplistic have a back-story to them which makes them precious. Heartbreak is overwhelming, and to share things that are mere objects but also more, seems like a pleasant way to cope with feelings. 

Museum Of Broken Relationships

And just like all other museums, it also has a gift shop with souvenirs that help you move-on in funny and comforting ways. A lot of Channa Mereya vibes – only less toxic. I was today years old when I found out about this museum, and I’ve a lot of questions. But, I’m all for this idea – now we can at least take something out of a failed relationship.

Museum Of Broken Relationships

Maybe, think of this the next time you deal with a heartbreak.