The talking phase is probably the best phase of a relationship. There are so many things to like about them – the way they talk, the way they joke about everything, their spontaneity and whatnot. But as you start spending more time with them and the relationship progresses, the same things start infuriating you. Here are a few Redditors sharing things they liked about their partner while dating but can’t stand anymore.

1. Her hair. She has such long, beautiful hair but it gets everywhere. Drains. Sinks. Carpets. I’ve had to sit and cut hairs out of the vacuum so it would work again because it had tied up the rolly bit. Not to mention I’ve had her hair on me and all through my clothing.

2. Her indecisiveness. It was adorable to see her struggle when we were dating but goddammit I’m just trying to figure out what to make for dinner.

3. My husband always tries to make me laugh. I honestly hope he never stops trying, but there are times when it’s like “really?? You’re trying to make me laugh NOW?!”

4. Clumsily break things accidentally. It’d be a teaspoon one day or a shoelace the next. Little insignificant, ‘how-on-earth-did-you-manage-to-break-that?’ type of thing. Started out quite cute and amusing. Now it’s a case of ‘Babe, that’s like the fourth vacuum cleaner this year, and it’s a fucking Dyson.’

5. His spontaneity. It used to be really fun and sexy…but now it’s like living with a real-life Homer Simpson/Phil Dunphy hybrid. No joke, I am just waiting for the day he comes home with a bag of ‘magic beans’.

6. He can not tell a story. Rambling, unnecessary details and the listener is three steps ahead the entire time, just waiting for it to slowly unspool.

7. Not married, but engaged and have been together for almost 5 years now? Everyone likes her. She’s a very likeable person, but my friends and family like her more than me. Just gets to me sometimes when she tells me something about a friend or family member that I should have heard from them.

8. Her having to sing everything like it’s a perfected choral piece.

9. In the beginning, he used to really need me and he always required a LOT of attention. I loved it, at first. I loved to feel needed and I 100% absolutely loved to lavish him with my adoring attention endlessly… I was absolutely devoted. Fast forward 15 years… I feel used up and taken for granted. He has never reciprocated, our relationship has always been strongly one way. His behaviour was exactly what I wanted and needed – at one point. Now it’s just something that upsets me. A lot.

10. My husband hates social interaction (even relaying information to and from friends sometimes) and will avoid it at all costs. At first, it was cute, he would beg me to make the calls to order food or find out information. Now I find it very inconvenient – especially when I’m not in the mood to talk to people either. Honey if you are reading this I love you very much. What do you want for dinner?

And her husband actually replied and it was like the cutest thing ever. Look!

11. First off, still very happily married and in love! However, there is one thing that does cause a ruckus every now and again. When we were dating and living together, we would do DIY stuff around the house. I know a little past the basics because my dad made sure to teach me things and of course, there is always youtube, so I’m not helpless by any stretch. In fact, I owned several of my own power tools before we got together. When doing one of these projects, he often wouldn’t let me do much. Back then I thought, “What a gentleman, doesn’t want me to get dirty.” or whatever. Nowadays I’ll be watching him do something and know a better way of doing the said task, and it’s like he doesn’t believe me. So he’ll try 18 other ways before landing on the way I suggested and it working out just dandy. It’s pretty frustrating. I can do more than holding something while you work! It’s not a deal breaker, but sometimes I let him know just how stupid he was acting, and how much time it wasted by not just trying my way first. Even if my suggestion doesn’t work, what did you lose?

– Neishia

12. Reversing the roles, I play football/soccer at a high level and she used to find it cute to watch me play and train. Now that she’s realised the fact that I have to travel on and off, and train every day for most of the day either with my club or on my own I can safely say she despises the sport…

13. Takes forever to eat a meal. It was very well-suited to long dates, romantic dinners, those intense getting-to-know-you conversations at the beginning. 15 years later and I just want to have a meal where I’m not done before he’s barely taken a bite!

14. He doesn’t stop talking. He can talk about anything to anyone which is great and people love to be around him. When dating it was amazing because we could talk about anything for however long. It was a running joke that I used to time the “silence” – typically 6-10 seconds and he would just start talking about something else. Now – I pinch his nipples when he doesn’t shut it. 😂

– Anonymous 

15. Talk in a baby voice, shit was cute at the beginning, but when you’re asking me if you can have my last beer in the fridge in a tiny baby voice, fuck no, now I need it.

Here’s a note from a fellow Redditor which seemed too essential to add to a post like this –

Hey! While posts like these are fun and can be a great way to relieve a little bit of marriage stress, I wanted to send a quick reminder that indulging in negative feelings towards your spouse in a public venue can actually have some pretty negative effects on you. Getting dozens or hundreds of strangers to agree that what your spouse is doing is annoying can help justify in your mind some negative feelings towards your spouse. Those feelings can fester and stack up and if you are the kind of person who holds stuff in (like me), you may find yourself resenting your spouse when you don’t really want to. A great way to prevent resenting your spouse is to take a look at why these actions are bothering you. Did your husband’s love of the spontaneous (which used to be sexy as hell) become something more akin to a child’s lack of attention? Does your wife’s gum-snapping now drive you insane? Think about why these actions cause distress for you, and how you can either try to look at them a different way or maybe have a conversation with your spouse. My wife is a gum chewer, but she never swallows the gum. She always throws it away and sometimes if there is no trash can she will fold it up on paper or whatever is available. Once she folded her gum in a winning lotto scratcher ($5) and I had to throw it away. Yes, this has begun to bug me. But I decided to think hard about it and look at the full context of her gum chewing. At least she tries to chew gum and have fresh breath (pro), she never just throws it on the ground (pro), she also does not want to swallow what is basically rubber filled with teeth gunk and whatever else was in her mouth (pro). The pros far outweigh the cons, and in the end, I grew to find her gum thing funny again. No judgement on this post, but for those of us needing to get something off our chest, please first make sure you are looking at it in a positive light and doing whatever you can to strengthen and uplift your relationship. 🙂

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