Most of us have spent years debating the truth of our origins. Not whether we evolved from apes but if we are our parents’ children or not? Or if what our siblings said about picking us up from the gutter is true? Do our parents love our siblings more than they love us? Questions like these continue to plague us no matter how old we become. The sibling rivalry is never ending! 

Well, I’m not too sure about either of the above questions and I can’t give you an answer, but one thing I can tell you for sure is, parents do have a favourite child

Ouch! Hurts, right? But that’s the bitter truth, and you gotta deal with it.


Bringing this priceless information to us is this wonderful study titled, Reciprocal links among differential parenting, perceived partiality, and self-worth: a three-wave longitudinal study.

The study showed that the order of birth is directly proportional to the way a child is treated. This means that your older siblings do enjoy a certain favouritism with your parents solely based on their precedence in birth. Now that’s not your fault, is it? 


Now that you have proof of being treated like a second-class citizen all your life, go ahead, and claim your rights!