It worked out for Ross and Rachel, and it will out for you! Here’s how.

The idea of taking a break in a relationship is dismissed by many. People define it as a stage of final break up or a reason to be with someone else.

But, honestly, breaks are so much more than that if you, as a couple, know what you are doing. Case in point: Redditors who were on a break share how it worked out for them. 

1. “My friend and her partner took a break and now they’re happily engaged and one of the most mature and fun couples that I know. A break can help strengthen a relationship and show whether you both really loved each other and were just bad at communication or were just good for each other at that moment and that it’s time to move on.”


2.  “A true break can work wonders as it allows both people to focus on themselves and what they need for their own happiness. This does not include seeing other people.”


3. “I had a break with my now-husband. We had been dating since high school, he was deployed, and we were fighting all the time. We didn’t speak for a few months and then talked as friends before getting together again. It worked out for us because I needed time to grow up and realize I needed to be treating him better.”


4. “My husband and I took a break for 7 months. It was helpful in some ways and damaging in others. In the end, we both missed our life together and decided to be back together and we are still together. I can say, I wish I would have never taken the break. There were things that we both did while apart that were damaging to our relationship now. But on the other hand, what if we didn’t take a break? Maybe we would have never started to appreciate each other again.”


5. “Nope. I’ve gone on a “break” in my relationship. Worst decision of my life. It took five times as long as the break itself to repair the damage caused by that break.”


6. “Helped the person or helped the relationship? I think breaks often help people gain perspective (which is probably also why they sometimes turn into breakups). I think it’s a lot less common than they help the relationship, but it probably happens sometimes when both people are on board and feel good about the idea & rules.”


7. “It also hugely depends on your definition of break. For me, the break was strictly for more time and clarity, not an excuse to see other people. My ex was going through a shitstorm of issues and depression, and he felt the expectations he had of himself in our relationship were adding to his problems. I gave him time to himself, occasionally checking in via e-mail. It helped him a lot.”


8. “My boyfriend wanted to take a break. I don’t quite remember why. But obviously, it may have helped him since we got back together and are now happy. I think we fixed what was broken, and now we have a great relationship. I think I also used to smother him a lot, which I totally am embarrassed about.”


9. “Never took a break myself, but all my friends have. It helps by showing you if you’re happier without them or if you really want to be with them.”


10. “What kind of break do you mean? Like, if he wants to see other people, then that’s more like a breakup. If he just wants a week or two apart, then that’s not necessarily a big deal. Ask him what he is looking for in this break.”


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