Sometimes, people fall out of love and begin feeling suffocated in their relationships which formerly seemed perfect. Getting caught while cheating can be awkward, but getting caught by your children can be even more embarrassing.

Here, some people reveal how they caught one of their parents cheating on the other and it’s something you would definitely want to read. Shall we see what people had to say? Let’s go!

1. “Yes, and it was my mom. This all happened when I was in 10th standard. My dad is a businessman and most of the time, he is out of town. I went to tuition one day and after coming back, I noticed that my mom was tired and moreover she told me to order food and eat. I thought she might actually be tired. When I was going to order food, I noticed that my data was over. So, I had to use my mom’s data. At that time, my mom was in the washroom. Then, she received a message from her boss. I thought it must be something important so I clicked on it and it opened on WhatsApp. It was a video and I was shocked to see the video. It was my mom having sex with the boss. Mom was on the bed in our room and the boss was fucking her and making the video. He even wrote that “Today was fun, what about next Sunday?”. So, it was Sunday again. I had tuition but I bunked and went to our terrace. I was waiting for the boss to come. After a few minutes, the man came in a car and parked it right beside our house. Then he knocked on the door and mom opened the door he pushed mom and went inside. I waited and went in as I had a spare key. I saw him kissing mom like an animal. He then pulled mom up on the bed and started fucking her. The boss was also a good friend of dad.”

2. “Yes – my father. Back in the day, I always loved looking through my parent’s phones. Even though I had my own, I always felt that their lives were 1000 times more interesting than mine. One day, I was on his phone and I noticed something strange. He had sent messages to a person with an unsaved contact. I was intrigued to see who it was, but then I read the messages. “I wanna **** you so bad, baby.” My stomach churned, I felt like I wanted to cry and throw up at the same time. It just kept bothering me to the point where I felt like I needed to tell my mum. I then rushed into my mom’s room and told her everything, she was shocked. But she kept on saying that “he must be trolling them” and that it’s “probably spam”. But, I knew that it wasn’t and she did too. I decided to do some detective work. The next time he was in the bathroom I went through his phone. After weeks and months of screenshots, disturbing videos and seeing things I can never unsee, I had a lot of information. I even found out that she and my dad had been on and off for almost 8 years. It’s been two years since then and I still have all the evidence on a file on my old phone. I realized that all that research and all that snooping was affecting my mental health so I decided to stop.”

3. “I remember my friend was staying at my house that day and it was just my mum home (she argued with my stepdad which made him leave for like a week). Well, that day some guy had come over and I don’t really like my mum having male friends because she acts “strangely” when drunk. However, this guy seemed alright and I trusted him because he was genuinely nice. But, that night, they got really drunk and my mum told me they were going to sleep. I found it odd how they both were in her room. Now again, I did try and have some hope that they aren’t doing anything “weird” because after all, the guy seemed nice and my FRIEND WAS THERE (we were literally in the other room). Although I hoped for the best, I just had to check. She had left a gap in her damn door. So, I peeked and saw it all happen. I legit kicked the door and started screaming. I had never felt like this. My legs went numb and I couldn’t breathe. The guy was obviously apologizing, but I just kept screaming. I and my friend went for a walk and came back with the guy waiting for a taxi. He was still apologizing saying “He’s leaving to respect me”. I obviously laughed and went back home I mean, I didn’t forgive my mum after and I felt so guilty for not telling my stepdad.”

4. “Yes. Sadly, I have caught one of my parents cheating — my mother. She was notorious for it and all of us in the family knew. When we were younger, of course, my brothers and I weren’t aware of her wily ways, but as we grew older, we started to notice things that weren’t quite right. Once, in our middle school years, one of my brothers was bold enough to bring it up to her. That didn’t go well and we pretty much shut down about it for a few more years. But, by the time we got to high school, we had had enough of her shenanigans and all three of us decided to confront her about it. We told our dad of our plan and he tried to persuade us to let it go as it wasn’t worth the fallout, but we were incensed that her activities had been allowed to go on for so long. So that night, as we sat around the table for our evening meal, each of us, brought up her cheating ways. Dad was correct. It did not go well. She denied it to the end. In fact, to this day, she continues to deny it, but we know the truth. To this day, after that fateful night, my brothers and I have never, not once, played Monopoly with mom. What’s the point? She’s just gonna cheat.”

5. “When I was in middle school, my mom worked as a teacher in the same school. Our school had arranged a tour for the students. We set off and we arrived at the destination. In the hotel, teachers were given one room each. My mom had good company with another teacher (I’m going to address him as Mr R). They were good friends. On the first night, I thought of sleeping over in my mom’s room, but she was not there. A few boys came back from outside and said that they saw her going to R’s room. I thought the teachers might be busy coordinating the tour and I didn’t want to disturb them. The next day, we left the hotel but both my mom and R were missing and she was still not in her room. I went to R’s room to ask if he knew where she was. I knocked on his door and it opened a minute later. He stood there half naked with only his boxers on, I peeped inside and I was shocked to see mom sitting on the bed with only a towel wrapped around her. Yes, they had been fucking the whole day. She saw me and jumped up on her feet like a lightning had just struck. I left immediately.”

6. “My ex caught his dad cheating on his mum. He was on a football trip and his dad was the coach. His dad was constantly cheating and he, along with his siblings, often witnessed the arguments with their mum over this. He had serious trust issues but furthermore, he was a serial cheater.”

7. “I found out my mother was having an affair on my 11th birthday. Remote cottage setting, celebrating with my aunt, uncle and cousins. My mom went to the nearest bar and brought a strange man home. Being a child, I had no idea why she brought him back, but he seemed to be a nice man and brought me presents. After dinner, I went to bed and left them talking in the living room. Middle of the night, I wake up and walk downstairs to the only washroom and heard my mom breathing heavy and cursing. I walked in because I was a bundle of curiosity and discovered this strange man and my mother, naked and rolling around in the bed. Neither of them noticed I was standing there until my mom noticed the light coming from the bathroom.”

8. “When I was in class 4, I started noticing that my mother started paying substantial attention to personal grooming, more than she did before. She started buying new lingerie and started going out of the house more (she was a housewife). I was of 8-9 years and yet I sensed that she was having sex with someone. He was my family dentist, also married with kids of his own. I knew even before my father did. One of the days, in one of her packed bags, I noticed some pretty, racy lingerie. When my father used to go out of town on a business trip she would often go out in the night herself. Every time she did that, I started crying and begged her to not leave me and my father. And, she said that it is not something that she can control. And, what did I do? I sympathized with her.”

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