Loyalty is a virtue that not everyone possesses and so is honesty. After days of being betrayed and lied to when the partners found out that they were being cheated on, their reaction would be heartbreaking and even berserk to some extent. 

12 people have shared how they reacted when they got to know that they were being cheated on and it’ll strike a chord with many of y’all.

1. “Sad, betrayed. I called him and made him come home from work early so I could confront him. It was a weird day.”

2. “I can forgive the cheating, but I had the hardest time with the lying and deception. I know her well enough that I can always tell when she’s lying, so I’m not worried that I’ll be duped or whatever, but I’m really concerned about what part of her mind thinks that she can lie to me so flagrantly, even after I tell her I know she’s lying.”

3. “The first thing I did was change Netflix’s password.”

4. “I confronted her about it, she denied, I could tell by the shock in her eyes when I told her who had called that it was him. I broke up with her and she went stage 5 on me. Put signs on my truck at work, sent me gifts, showed up to my house, begged me to take her back.”

5. “I thought ‘I’m too young to pretend that my life is over just because one man out of 3 billion men turned out to be a jerk’.”

6. “Being an introvert, it destroyed me. I left with no one, and tried to get answers but there were all vague explanations and lying. Tried to end my life once but didn’t have enough courage to do that. So for like next 15 months, I died every day.”

– mohit2u

7. “Poorly. I cut all contact with everyone I knew. I woke up, ate, went to work, came home, ate, and went to bed. Weekends most of my time was in bed or playing WOW, without intereacting with other players. This phase lasted about 4 years. Probably the most miserable time of my life.”

8. “The first thing I did was erase any picture or phone number closed all accounts disconnected the cable and internet (she takes masters classes) really fucked her up had to take a semester off.. but personally I still haven’t even got enough in me to make another connection with anyone I feel your pain.”

9. “I’ve been taking an extended break from relationships since and I’ve never been happier. Dating yourself is such an underrated pleasure.”

10. “Honestly not too badly due to not being super invested in the relationship either. I told her she should’ve just broken up with me because that’s what’s happening anyway and left.”

– Kilen13

11. “Her dog was really sick, and I loved him, so I left some money there so she could get him some treatment. I held her golden retriever, Barkley – who was my only friend in this town, for about an hour. I miss the dog.”

12. “I actually purchased a few drugs, some alcoholic beverages and celebrated. That relationship was very toxic and my new freedom was liberating.”

Take your time but just move the fuck on.