Life’s unfair since you struggle hard to climax during the session in bed, on the other hand, some people experience surprise orgasms too! God’s favourite children, must say.

On Reddit, a few lucky folks are sharing their experiences of how strange occurrences made them orgasm. Your next sexual experience might not guarantee you climax but reading this piece would definitely help!

1. “I’ve had an orgasm in my sleep from a sex dream. Woke me up screaming.”

2. “Lifting weights. I have no idea what happened, but I pulled down and felt a lightning bolt shoot straight to my clitoris. 10/10 would recommend.”

3. “Washing my hair. Sounds like those herbal essences ads but I swear that’s what happened. I’d tried some new antidepressants that made me way more touchy and massaging my head in the shower was so good.”

4. “Laying on the couch, my head in my girlfriend’s lap, I realized the top of my skull was in perfect alignment. I just added a little pressure and a slight circular motion.”

5. “We were grinding and making out. I had barely even touched her but I put pressure on her front pelvic area and she starts moaning and convulsing. I was like ‘Is this the weirdest orgasm you’ve ever had?’ and she said – Oh my god! yes! But it feels so good!”

6. “I was with a girl a few years ago that was super ticklish all over. I started tickling the backs of her knees and she moaned really loud and started quivering.”

7. “By massaging her tailbone. I can’t remember why I was doing that either of the times it’s happened. But it’s happened with two different women.”

8. “My SO cums when I scratch her back! I don’t get it. I thought she was lying at first but we put it to the test, before scratching she was dry as my scalp, then after scratching it was like a waterfall appeared between her legs.”

9. “She was on the back of my motorcycle and we had Bluetooth headsets in our helmets to talk to each other. The backrest for my seat and the vibration did it for her. I had to go an exact speed to make the vibrations just right.

Listening to that was the most erotic thing I’ve ever heard.”

10. “Lightly biting her nipples. Found out she got off on that by accident. Just playing around & got told- don’t stop!”

– 0drag

11. “I am not a woman, but my wife often wakes up in the middle of the night after she had orgasmed in her sleep. She tells me it’s different because it’s all mental as she does not stimulate herself, just erotic dreams. This only happens when she pregnant BTW.”

12. “Kissing and licking the back of my ex’s neck while cupping her breasts plus playing with her nipples.”

Well, strange but hot.