Ever felt super adventurous and thought about having sex in a public place with your SO? Well, even if you didn't, people do it all the time just for the thrill of it (and horniness, of course) and some of them are sharing their experiences about the same. 

1. I lost my virginity in some woods nearby where I live, it has a lot of public right of ways through it used by dog walkers. Met up with a guy slightly older than me, we went down the path and I got fucked for the first time.
- twinkweaboo 

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2. Lots. I can't host, so the park near my place is my go to spot. Usually sit on the park bench and have people blow me there.
- can94 

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3. A co-worker (actually more of a supervisor, but not directly mine) whose adult son (20) took me up a side trail at a nearby nature park where I bred a load up inside him. Just as I unloaded, we saw someone coming down from a ridge above us some 300 feet away. We packed up and got out of there.
Joe Hardon

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4. In a pub's restroom. Not so much fun, cause people did know what was going on and the whole thing made me feel less than ladylike, even with all the alcohol that I had that night.  

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5. We did it behind the local preschool. Don't worry, it was late in the evening, no children were harmed in the process. Yes, I enjoyed that a lot. We could see the road, and the people walking and driving past, but it was too dark for those people to see us.

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6. I did once, and it was more public than intended. It was in a car in a very dark corner of a pub car park. Unfortunately, it was closing time around the time we got started. Oops!
Terry Darwin

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7. On a flight to Europe the guy next to me saw my Grindr icon on my phone. Next thing you know we are sharing a blanket with my hand wrapped around his cock jerked him to completion twice and licked every stop clean. We exchanged hotel information and he pounded me out later that night. 
- Anonymous

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8. I was a DJ at a club for a bit and we had a glow stick party. Our DJ booth was right beside the stage. My then BF was in the booth with me he slipped the back of shorts down, pulled out his dick, and fucked me with a packed dance floor.

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9. It was pretty late in the afternoon and my ex and I were really craving a particular restaurant, so we drove up and ended up parking along the side of the building. When we parked we realized there were no street lights around and not much traffic we just started naturally talking shit to each other. That led to kissing which led to her wanting to ride me. We fucked for a solid 5 minutes, got our nut in, but in that process I ended up coming inside. We had to figure out what to do because we both really wanted some food, we decided to put our clothes on and take turns going to the bathroom (it was a nice little hole in the wall so it was small). I am surprised we were never caught because my window had no tints, I probably had the best burger ever that day though. 

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10. I was at school in year 11 and me and my GF both went to the toilet to talk... next thing you know we went into the loo, I pulled her skirt down and started fucking her. Five minutes later we were both back in class like nothing happened. 

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Well, even if these stories seem exciting just remember PDA comes under 'obscene acts' and can be termed as an offence in India. So, do it, but do it carefully.