There is plenty of helpful information about what the red flags are in a potential romantic partner. And while there is nothing wrong with that (because lord knows how much we really need the ‘heads-up’), we think that maybe we should know what the green flags are too!

Which is why this Reddit thread where people have shared what green flags to look out for are while on a first date is so cool.

And thanks to these pieces of advice, we know who is a safe person to consider spending more time with. Take a look:

1. “The two of you just can’t stop talking to each other, even when you’re about to leave. It’s a really good sign that you’re comfortable being around each other and interact well together, especially if you have social anxiety.”

– StripedLightning1

2. “She asks as many questions about me as I’m asking her about her.”

– aces-and-jacks

3. “I think dating apps & texting take away the opportunity to filter out a lot of the non-responsive people before committing to a date. In my day, we usually first met the person in a non-date environment (party, bar, class, etc.) and/or had a phone call or two before asking them on a date. If the person was not good at real-time reciprocal conversation, you would not ask them out (certain exceptions apply). Your interactions over text are inherently different than in-person because texting is asynchronous & allows you to multitask your attention. Once you meet in person and have your first IRL conversation, you discover aspects that my generation would have screened out.”

– NoLiveTv2

4. “Lots of smiling and laughing. And good eye contact.”

– This_is_Fulcrum

5. “I went on a lot of first dates in my single days and I can only remember one person who showed up on time. All the others would show up a little late to avoid awkwardly waiting, leaving me to do the awkward waiting. I’m married to the gal who showed up on time now.”

– EvadingTheDayAway

6. “Attentiveness and actively participating in the date. Not sitting back and waiting for things to happen for her.”

– Coconut_Salad

7. “Openness, honesty, someone who seems to be their genuine self. Appropriate use of their phone is another good sign. Like, sure we are all connected all the time, but when it’s interfering with the date that’s a bad sign. My last first date, she had a notification and asked if it was alright to check the phone and it was great. The ones who can’t put the phone down for half an hour don’t ever seem to be ‘in the moment.'”

– AnotherIronicPenguin

8. “When she appreciates the awkward silence by smiling and looking you in the eyes, makes the experience so wholesome and cute.”

– drum_key

9. “She reads a lot and has great taste in books. I’m like, ‘marry me.'”

– Blainefeinspains

10. “When you do something weird and they do something weird back.”

– TinyChip-2934 

11. “Being kind to the people who work at the venue we are at.”

– Majestic___J

12. “Has interests/passions/love outside animals/friends/work/travel.”

– Ta-veren

13. “If she’s easy to talk to or I just feel at ease in her company.”

– Ravel_Xi

14. “We went to a comic-con and while there I opened a bottle of sparkling water and it overflowed and I spilled water on myself. He took my hands, wiped them on his pants and said, ‘don’t worry, already done’ and gave me a kiss. I knew then he was a keeper. I am a really clumsy person and often guys reacted annoyed or embarrassed when something like that happened, but not him. He was cool as a cucumber!.”

– Alfitown

15. “We agree on one oddly specific quirk and go equally nuts/goofy over it. Kind of an, ‘ah, another one of my people.'”

– josejimenez896

This thread is like a golden book of secrets. We love it.