Case in point: Here are some moving on stories that may help you to process things better!

Moving on from a relationship that meant the world to you is not a cakewalk. And that’s an understatement because it’s heartbreaking, emotionally draining, and stressful to just walk away. Besides this, people will have all sorts of advice and tips for you to move on. But moving on takes time, probably longer than you would imagine.

1. “Instead of reacting to the hurt of being rejected, I tried to focus on how to become a person I would like to hang out with and enjoy being alone with. If he hadn’t cheated I would’ve probably married him at 23 and been miserable today. For all the pain he gave me, he gave me a very important gift. He gave me a way to give myself permission to be myself. And for that I’m grateful.”


2. “Frankly speaking, there is no such recipe to move on. With time other priorities in life take over this. You feel you have moved until the day you see her again and your heartbeat shoots through the roof. The secret lies in “other priorities in life taking over it”. Everyone has a different story but they all have something in common. They all have cried, they all have been miserable, they all felt broken and importantly they all picked themselves up.”


3. “I started gaming again, became open to having new friends, and reconnected with old ones. You may think they won’t accept you or whatever, but give it a shot. Everyone likes when someone talks to them. I also got myself a nice bicycle and I started exploring, getting fit. It took me well over a year but I have moved on.”


4. “She just stopped talking to me, gave me some huge ass para I didn’t understand, and there I was, and she left me hanging out here dry. It hit hard and Kabir Singh had just come out, I instead of becoming pathetic went the other way. I started waking up early and sleeping on time and became disciplined as she was the reason I would stay up late talking to her. I lost 10kgs and fast-forward 2 years later. I’m an athlete and got into long-distance running and have become the best version of myself and am now training to go into ultra running and do some international shit. So she was the best thing that happened to me.”


5. “I’m going through a breakup now but whenever I want to find strength, I think of the first breakup I went through. I thought he was the love of my life and that we were perfect for each other. I was so devastated. For two months I cried almost every day. Then I decided to change things up and the break-up was kind of an impulse in my life. I moved to another city for studies, met new friends, and new people, and had an immense amount of fun like I never did before. Became so happy with myself that I got to know me, became my own person.”


6. “My soon-to-be ex-husband cheated on me a couple of months ago. I asked for a divorce and sued him, I thought I loved him and yes I felt betrayed but after a few weeks, I felt like my old self. I mean we have 2 kids together and it dawned on me that I never truly loved him. I was offered a higher position at my job with better pay, I bought a bigger house for myself and the kids, and overall life is better without him.”


7. “Found out my long-distance ex had a second girlfriend. Took me probably a full year to really be okay with what happened to me but I’ve been dating the other guy ever since and we’re happily in love with lots of trust. I looked at it as a blessing. His cheating was the push I needed to leave him without any regrets or second thoughts. He was so manipulative and that was the last straw.”


8. “10-year relationship, towards the end I was being an ass – took her for granted, wasn’t doing much in life. She suggested we take a break, and then just moved on. Three months in she sends me a screenshot of this guy hitting on her. Next thing her Instagram is full of newly found love metaphors and artworks (she’s an artist). I begged and begged and begged. Then I cried like a baby in front of a close friend, packed my bags, and headed out. Traversed the whole West coast of India for 7 months – did odd jobs, volunteered, and whatnot, finally landing at a backpacker hostel. Three years later – I helped build, scale and sell a hostel company working out of beach cafes, breathing salty breezes, wearing floral shirts, and sipping lime and rum coolers on hot afternoons. Quite a ride this breakup.”


9. “I’m not gonna sugarcoat it. It’s going to hurt like a motherfucker, but whatever happens, no matter how worse you feel, believe me, and everyone else here that’s saying this, it will pass.”


10. “Exercise helped me to move on, now that I look back I’m glad I went into exercising instead of taking the alcohol or addiction route. Now I work out 5-6 times per week at the gym, my startup failed eventually but I have a kick-ass good-paying job. So zero regrets. No matter what anyone says, it is going to hurt a long time after the break. There is no way to accelerate the process. Just use the pain and put it in a good direction.”


11. “I tend to make some really good music playlists after getting cheated on. I guess that’s a success story, right? It’s been a while since I’ve had to make my last, but there’s some good “got cheated on, but I’m a boss” music out there. In all seriousness though, eventually you just move on. It’s less “success” and more “umm yeah, why would that even bother me now?”


12. “I was in a huge depression, used to cry at nights, couldn’t sleep, just used to watch movies at night as I couldn’t sleep, then I saw 500 days of summer, it gave me all the answers that I needed, and something in me changed, I just snapped out of it.”


13. “The struggle phase is a bitch, but you gotta stand up & start changing your life. There will be days where you’ll be lonely & at the bottom, but that’s the answer to your life. You’re there for yourself & that’s what matters. Take it like a good sport.”


14. “The old adage of taking it day by day is always helpful and time-tested advice. Don’t think too much about the past or future, stay in your present and focus on your present-day tasks. Just know that no matter how deep you were in love, eventually, you’ll get over it if you don’t get love back. Humans can’t really one side obsess forever.”


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