Your partner’s big, sweet gestures will make you feel like they are a keeper, but it’s the little things they do in the mundane day-to-day life that makes you realize that they truly are *the one*. Some people on Reddit shared such moments they had with their partner, and they’ll kinda restore your faith in relationships.

1. I do most of the cooking because I like to cook and she doesn’t. And she knows that my least favourite thing about travelling is the solid week I have to eat at restaurants instead of home-cooked meals. But when I got back from a week-long business trip this past weekend, she had made a chicken pot pie for us.
– devilized

2. I woke up before her last weekend and rolled over to face her. As I did my hand brushed hers, and without waking up (or maybe semi-waking but still mostly being asleep) she grabbed my hand and held it. Something about a subconscious act of affection made me really smile. She was sleeping and happily holding my hand and it just felt nice.
– MenudoMenudo

3. Recently our son woke up puking at 2 am. She jumped out of bed and started cleaning it all up while I cleaned him off. We stayed up with him for a few hours just rocking him and rubbing his back while he puked (he’s really young). She knew I had a big meeting in the morning, so she told me to go to bed. She laid on the ground with him rubbing his back all night. When morning came they were both passed out on the floor, a little puke on her. Reminding me just how deeply she loves our kids, and how great of a mother she is and how supportive she is of everyone in our family.
– TotallyNotASpy321

4. I pointed out the newish LEGO ship in a bottle set at target and, as if I was a child, she bought it for me. Justified it as a “late Father’s Day Gift”. It is proudly displayed on the piano in our living room.
– SpaceEurope


5. Her mother was visiting us last year and we had been on a roll romantically. She swivels her head around to make sure her mom wasn’t anywhere where she could see us. Then she flashed her breasts at me. Honestly, it’s one of the sexiest things she’s ever done for me and I’ll never forget it.
– frans42000

6. I had a bad fucking day. I was bruised, I was embarrassed, I had legitimate seeming concerns about my professional behaviour that made the truth seem full of shit…full FML mode. When I got home with a new bruise on my arm and a bump on my forehead and rubbing my knee, my wife asked me what happened. I told her and she said to go upstairs, take a shower and she would cook on what was supposed to be my night. In our house, the rule is they who cook, don’t clean up and vice versa. However, after dinner, I was laying on the couch basically feeling like a loser while watching YouTube. AT around 9, it occurred to me that I hadn’t cleaned the kitchen yet, so I got up to do it. Already done. She cleaned up to let me be a sad lump on the couch. No questions.
– Anonymous

7. I got a text while at work yesterday: “Hey, you want to meet up for a pizza after you get out of work?”
– Anonymous

8. At the beginning of the year, the stress of life and work finally got to me and I started breaking down. With the encouragement of my wife, I started going back to therapy and ended up quitting my job. Several months later and I’m still looking for work and going to therapy weekly. Never a complaint from her, only ever love and encouragement. Daily reassurance and comfort from her, I really don’t know where I’d be without her. Every day I fall more in love with her.
– InvisibleButtVampire

9. We were having dinner a few weeks ago and there was a woman giving her server down the road over something incredibly inconsequential. After the altercation, we looked at one another and said “What a cunt” in perfect unison.
– saviorself19

10. I’m engaged. But I was away on business for two days and came back exhausted and suffering from Powerpoint Presentation overload after hours and hours of them. She’d ordered KFC for my arrival, we ate, then she tucked me into bed and handled things I was supposed to handle like calling my parents to let them know I was back and so on while I passed out.
– azazelcrowley

11. I’ve recently (in the last few years) become a baseball fan. And the way my mind works, I’m either obsessed with something, or it doesn’t exist to me. My wife is not a big sports fan in general but tolerates it because she loves me. My birthday was last month and while we don’t normally make a big deal out of it, she surprised me out of nowhere with a trip to my favourite team’s city and tickets to two games. On the way home, she told me not to tell anyone, but she actually enjoyed the games. She actually kind of pays attention to the games on tv now.
– jojobeans22

12. Sent me some sexy pics while I was at work. Then said, “gotta go, cock blocker is up”. She was referring to our 1-year-old lmao.
– Anonymous

13. She had her hair up in a messy bun and was playing video games, then out of nowhere her character got shot and killed. The string of expletives that shortly followed would make a sailor blush. All I could do was just sit there and laugh.

14. She was about to beat Call of Duty MW3, and at the end, you have to strangle someone, and she was yelling “I’m so sorry!” at the screen. That’s my wife, the sweetest girl in the world, but does what she has to do.
– DaBears42069

15. I bent over to pick something up and she straight up pinched my butt and then giggled uncontrollably. I love this woman.
– Jinjoz

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