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Diwali is all about family, isn’t it? But what happens when we have to celebrate it far away from home? I’m sure most of you have spent at least one Diwali without your family. On that thought, we asked a few people who’re not going home this year about their Diwali plans. And here’s what they had to say:

Bottom line, Diwali doesn’t have to be sad if you are not home. But we cannot deny the fact that being alone on Diwali makes you miss home more than ever. If you too are feeling the blues and want to celebrate it with like-minded people, Legrand has news for you. They have launched an interesting website where people who are staying away from home or those who wanna host a Diwali party can register and celebrate Diwali like it should be. Now you know where to go to make some kickass Diwali plans. So register yourself here and let the festivities begin.