Relationships can get really messy if the trust is gone. If your partner cheated on you, it only gets worse from there. The decision to work on the relationship or just walk away is a tough one.

The bond may never be the same after infidelity, but there have been times when people worked through it. Redditors who gave second chances to their partner are sharing how it worked out for them.

1. “He didn’t cheat again, but my lack of trust ultimately led to the end of our relationship. If you choose to give someone a second chance, you have to accept that holding it against them will just continue to make it a reoccurring issue.”


2. “He cheated again. Lied about it again. The same pattern went on. I pretended to cheat on him to prove a point, and he went crazy. Divorced. Fuck that shit.”


3. “As someone who cheated and was given a second chance, I took it very seriously and completely turned my life around and who I was and did everything I could to make up for it. I was never forgiven for it, and it was constantly brought up. Ultimately she ended up cheating on and leaving me two years later.”


4. “It’s going very well, but mostly because we broke up for almost a year after the cheating, then mutually decided we were ready to commit to a monogamous relationship with each other.”


5. “Horribly. If I hadn’t given her a second chance, we never would have had a child and gotten married, just to get divorced after she cheated again. I love my son with all my heart, and I am glad I have full custody of him, but I feel horrible for him being raised in a split-parent family.” 


6. “It lasted another month. To be fair, there were problems outside of the cheating. Ironically, she claimed the cheating made her have stronger feelings towards me. I don’t understand it, but it was my first serious relationship, and I felt I truly loved her. I felt like we could still make it work, but I should have known otherwise.”


7. “He cheated. I stayed. True to his word, he never cheated again (that I know of, but I don’t think he did), but the relationship was just a fucking shit show. Incredibly unhealthy. We finally did break up and it was the best thing to ever, ever happen to me. I wish we’d broken up when I found out he cheated, but at the time, I was too insecure to think I could ever live without him. I’m disgusted with that version of myself. Single ever since and very happy with it.”


8. “The best decision I ever made. I had a lot of trust issues after she cheated, but eventually, she realized what she did. And I only took her back after I was certain she was sorry. So far 4 months have gone well.”


9. “It was early on in the relationship. I wanted to give it a real try. Through lots of hard work on both sides, we’ll be hitting three years in fall.”


10. “He took me for granted even more and started to act more irresponsible. Every relationship is different though- when I look back at this relationship now, I think I shouldn’t have been given a second chance, at least not after a simple apology when nothing else has changed.”


11. “Still going strong after about 3 years. Sometimes you both just need to grow up and get it together first!”


12. “Other way round, my partner gave me a second chance 9 years ago, and now our relationship is amazing. It took a while obviously, but we both realised that was the point where we split or worked for it. We chose to work together, and now we are stronger and happier than ever.”


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