The net is flooded by Father’s Day odes and videos. We all know what an important role fathers hold, in the construct of a family and in the lives of children. 

They are normally providers, they are the ones who hold your finger and teach you your first steps, they hold you steady while you wobble during your first attempt at riding a bicycle, they are the ones who indulge you with extra allowance money when your mother isn’t looking and they give you warm bear hugs when you really need them. 

But what about kids who don’t have a father? Single mothers take on the role of both father and mother and we know how taxing that can be. 

So amidst the many videos, cards and wishes ahead of Father’s Day, this video saluting single mothers on Father’s Day strikes a special chord in our hearts.

A little kid and his single mother are relaxing when the kid hands his mother a gift, a mug with the words,”World’s Best Dad”.

Take a look at this endearing video.

 Source: Raymondlimited/Youtube

That cute head on head gesture they do in the end. *melts in a puddle of maple syrup*