No doubt, bringing life to the world is a beautiful thing to do. But not when you are forced or pressured to do it. It’s a choice an individual deserves to take, and we hope our society understands it. 

That said, not just expenses, there are zillion other important reasons some people would want a child-free life. We have compiled a list of those reasons. Read on. 

1. “Nothing about parenting sounds appealing. I also have gone through so many depressive episodes in my life and when I think about bringing another person into this world against their will, I just think about all the senseless suffering they will endure because life is honestly just not that great for everyone. Maybe they’ll be happy and enjoy it but I’ll feel guilty as hell if they have any of the mental health issues I have.”


2. “Google: How much does raising a child cost on average? This is why.”


3. “My wife and I have an amazing life together. Not to sound selfish but neither of us wants to bring something into the world that will take away from our time together. Pets are as close as we are getting to having kids.”


4.”I absolutely love my life just as it is. Plus, I am of the opinion that you should really, REALLY want kids before you have them. It’s a lifetime commitment, after all.”


5. “I like my free time and I’m also too anxious. I would be worried nonstop about them, especially in the state of the world.” 


6. “Almost all of the women in my family have had hemorrhages, miscarriages, premature births, you name it. I almost killed my mom coming out of the womb and then I myself almost died because of liver disease in the months that followed. I’m not risking myself like that.”


7. “I was abused as a kid and I don’t think I’d be a very good parent.”


8. “Being a parent is too important to do a shit job at it. If you can’t give it the energy it requires, don’t sign up for it.”


9. “I’m worried kids would ruin the love I will hopefully one day have with my life partner when I find them.”


10. “There is a selfish aspect and a worrisome aspect. On the selfish side, I only get one life and a big part of me wants to just be able to focus on myself and my wants. On the worrisome side. I think the world is going in a scary direction right now. If I had a kid and did my best to give them a good life. I would worry they would have to live through terrible things.”


11. “Unless I can leave my offspring enough money to live on interest I believe I’d be giving birth to a wage slave, not a free human, which isn’t fair to them.”


12. “You’re going to be responsible for this human for the rest of your life. I’m a millennial. That means I didn’t have enough money after I turned 21 to leave the house. Imagine being responsible for someone for 25 years or more? And you won’t have the energy of a 25-year-old to compensate.”


13. “I don’t want to factor someone else into my life. I want to eat what I want without worrying about if a kid could eat it. I want to be able to spontaneously go wherever I want without needing to get a babysitter. I want to fuck in my own living room.”


14. “I believe that children are the biggest commitment you can possibly make. It should be a hard opt-in, rather than it being the default. It’s really wild to me that people ask me why I don’t want kids, instead of asking everyone else to SERIOUSLY consider why they should have them.”


15. “There’s already an abundance of children who need secure loving homes so to bring one into the world just seems stupidly selfish to me.”


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