Sex is one of our primal instincts. It’s nature’s design because procreation happens to be of great importance. However, that’s not all that there is to sex. Yes, I’m talking about the big O! 

Unfortunately, most women in a sexual partnership, be it casual or serious, often fail to achieve that jaw-grinding, tongue-biting climax. 

I remember my boyfriend condoning my accidental orgasm, gasping at the look on my face after I’d just climaxed. For him, it was blasphemy! 

But ladies, don’t pay attention to these naysayers, because your orgasm is extremely important. You have got to exhaust this gift of orgasm that the divine has bestowed on us womenfolk so generously. 

And if you need reasons as to why you should, here you go:

1. It relieves stress

Oh yes, you read that right. 

When you orgasm, the happy-hormone, called ‘oxytocin’ is released. This fuels your brain and makes you feel light, warm and fuzzy, leading to the feeling of complete relaxation.


2. It’s the D-cold for your runny nose

An orgasm a day is enough to keep your antibody immunoglobulin A levels up. 

It’s a great way to release all those nasty toxins you’ve been hoarding up. Definitely better than all the medicines, right?


3. It’s the sleeping-pill to your insomnia

Every night you’re up till 3 AM and have been wondering why? If Netflix is the reason, then we can’t suggest anything. But if insomnia is the reason, then we may have a solution. 

Apparently, orgasms can help you sleep. I for one, will back that. If you’re masturbating or just doing it the good ol’ way, your insomnia is gonna go out the window, right after your mind-numbing orgasm.


4. It can put up a good fight against breast cancer

Apparently, the oodles of oxytocin that your body produces after an orgasm can prevent breast cancer cells from turning into a full-blown tumour. 

So there you go, cancer. Orgasm-1, Cancer-0. 


5. Say bye bye to cramps

Good news for you, ladies. 

Even if Aunt Flo is visiting and your person isn’t a huge fan of a bloody sight, do yourself a favour and get going. Because your orgasm is a natural analgesic for your moodiness and cramps. 


6. Have I complimented your glow? 

Every time you have a toe-curving orgasm, your face lights up like a freaking Christmas Tree. 

Well, you can attribute it to hormone DHEA – Dehydroepiandrosterone, often dubbed as the fountain of youth, which is generously released after a hardcore session in bed. So fairness creams, ciao to you. 


7. A natural brain stimulant

When you’re feeling uninspired, or having a dull day or experiencing a writer’s block (which I often do), all you gotta do is give your brain a happy pill. No, not ecstasy. Just an orgasm. 

The endorphin released after a good O storms the brain and increases blood flow, specifically the hypothalamus. And that is how you’ll get your next inspiration. 


8. Headache? What’s that?

Next time you have a headache, instead of popping a pill, pop that… umm… you know what, right? Get your partner or do it alone, but this is something that’ll work better than any pain-reliever.


I’ve got my weekend plan sorted. What about you?