You are head over heels in love with your partner but as they say, love is blind. You’d have butterflies in your stomach, and all the happy memories would flood your mind. But the second your euphoria wears off, you’ll discover what’s really behind the veil of love.

As a woman, you’d want to know what your partner thinks of other women, which will ultimately reveal a lot about them. The more you engage in conversations with your partner, the more you’ll be exposed to what their mindset really is. 

Sadly, some women have detected glaring red flags that scream their partners are misogynists and have shared their experiences. 

1. “They see women they’re attracted to as bimbos cuz they’re pretty and since other women aren’t ‘pretty’ in their opinion, they obviously aren’t women, and are thus okay.”

2. “If he claims to have a bunch of “crazy exes.” That makes me suspicious that he actually treats women poorly and then insults them when they stop putting up with him.”

3. “Interrupting women and/or not responding to their comments or questions; ignoring other men’s overt misogyny. Become irritated or disinterested in conversations related to gender discrimination.”

4. ‘Makes light of anything that is ‘feminine’. Dismissive to women’s opinions/feelings. Gaslights women by saying things like, ‘That’s just what you think! NOBODY ELSE thinks that’!”

5. “Mansplaining is a big one, and talking down to women in general. Watch for it. Sometimes its subtle but it’s there. In the workplace you will see giving assignments more to men, relying more on men, trusting men more with certain things.”

6. “Feels threatened by an intelligent and successful woman. My boyfriend literally expressed his disappointment that I’m smarter and more mature than he is.”

7. “When he gives you unsolicited advice constantly. It’s easy to mistake for caring at first until you can’t do anything right.”

8. “One is how they react to news stories about women being raped, assaulted, or victims of domestic violence. ANY comments about being too drunk, wearing the wrong thing, should have just left, kept her knees together, has to accept the consequences of her actions, etc. are red flags.”

9. “If he’s dismissive of women’s thoughts, feelings, or issues. If he’s very judgmental of women’s weight or looks; and I know this is old-fashioned, but if he has a ‘problematic’ relationship with his mother, watch out!”

10. “The term ‘Strong women’ is code for ‘no drama’ which is code for ‘do as I say, I call the shots if you complain, it’s because you’re crazy.”

11. “When you’re angry or upset they ask if it’s ‘that time of the month’.”

12. “Disparaging “feminine” hobbies or interests such as astrology, makeup, fashion.”

Beware. Even if you spot any one of them, RUN.