Relationships, good or bad, will teach you something about yourself, love or the complexities of dating. And the worst (or sometimes best) part that comes along with those butterflies in tummy, honeymoon phase, and date nights, is break-up. However, you got to learn from that, too, and move on. 

Someone on Reddit started the conversation on what their worst break-up taught them and here’s what other Redditors had to say. 

1. “Live with that person before getting engaged.”


2. “You can love someone very much but the relationship can still not be healthy for either of you.”


3. “Being alone is not as bad as being lonely in a relationship.”


4. “Don’t try to get closure. You create closure for yourself.”


5. “Always listen to your gut. If it doesn’t feel right for you anymore, it’s not.”


6. “If someone is constantly not meeting my emotional needs, I need to leave.”


7. “When it’s over, it’s over. Move on and don’t try and string things out indefinitely.”


8. “When they say, ‘It was just a joke, jeez! You are SO oversensitive!’ (1) it wasn’t (2) you’re not.”


9. “Staying together for the kids is a solidly bad 1950s kind of solution.”


10. “Financial and emotional abuse can be just about as bad as physical abuse. Always work towards being able to support yourself if needed.”


11. “I learned to value myself and that it’s ok to put myself first.”


12. “If someone gets your name tattooed on them .. the count down has begun.”


13. “They can be a good person but still do horrible things. Good and bad aren’t black and white.”


What about you?