There are several lessons that we learn after getting into a relationship or having sex for the first time. People reveal the things they wish they knew sooner, because they are wiser now.

Are you ready? Let’s check what people had to say!

1. “Go pee after sex, UTIs are no fun.”

– dindia91

2. “How men will put on an act of loving you just to get to have sex.”

– klockanger

3. “Penetration isn’t the main source of pleasure for MOST women. So, you’re not at all broken or unusual for needing/wanting clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex.”

– celestialism

4. “Even if someone really loves you and cares about you, they can still waste your time just to keep you around.”

– Impossible-Pomelo659

5. “It’s okay to have pubic hair, most people don’t care.”

– scorpio_girl__

6. “There are plenty of people to treat you like a queen, you don’t have to settle for less than you deserve.”

– xanadri22

7. “In a relationship, it’s okay to explicitly ask for things you need. If you need more compliments, just say you need more compliments and why. They will never know what you don’t tell them. And, if you don’t see an effort after that, you’ll never see an effort at all. Also, never assume somebody knows you love them just because you know you love them. Put some effort into actually showing that. For sex, foreplay is the long game and that includes- all the little touches, messages and looks that accumulate through the day.”

– humdrumflagellum

8. “Make sure you get really turned on and wet before penetration.”

– Ordinary-Koala-5190

9. “You can’t fix someone.”

– ThatDamnedDame

10. “If he talks about his ex being crazy, run. If he has sexist views or remarks, run. A lot of men, who haven’t dealt with their issues, might use you as their therapist. Also, sexual compatibility is extremely important.”

– Ordinary-Koala-5190

11. “You can withdraw consent at any time. Don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with, even if it feels awkward telling them to stop.”

– helloitslauren000

12. “A good relationship can survive (and thrive) without constant sex.”

– Zoo_In_The_Bathtub

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