When it comes to relationships, I bet a lot of us have wished for love to suffice and be enough to run a healthy relationship. But unfortunately, as we get older, we realize that a relationship that’s good for you often needs more than just that. It needs mutual respect, compassion and compatibility. But what does compatibility really mean? 

It’s definitely not easy to decode. Which is why we think you’d like to read through this Reddit thread that we came across. Here, several people have pitched in to describe what compatibility looks like. Take a look!

1. “My dad said he saw an advertisement for ice cream and he was about to call mom and ask her to get some while she was at the store. Next thing he knows she was calling him about splurging on some ice cream. He says when you’re in sync like that it’s worth keeping.”

– rosetildawn

2. “One time my boyfriend and I were about to go on a road trip and he picked me up in the morning and we had both brought the exact same donuts from a specific bakery in town. Lol it was a special moment.”

– ciruela-s

3. “My wife and I are the same way. It’s as if we are inside each other’s minds. Whether it’s on which food to get, what decisions to make, or just what our plans should be, we have found that we’re usually thinking/wanting the same. Sometimes we even say it at the same time!”

– Ladonnacinica

4. “My wife (then girlfriend) got me a brand new wakeboard for Christmas. Guess what I got her….a wakeboard.”

– Ionic-X

5. “It’s basically dating my best friend. We’re compatible in every important aspect I can think of, from enjoying the same movies to having the same ideas on how we’re raising our future children. Everything is so easy. 

Edit: No idea why I said dating, completely forgot that I’ve been married for 3 years.”

– msstark

6. “I see it as the difference between someone you’d enjoy riding a roller coaster with, and someone you’d enjoy designing, building and managing a theme park with. There are lots of people in the world whose company is enjoyable. But the sort of person you want to have your back on life’s biggest group project is the one to marry.”

– EmmyNoetherRing

7. “Shared core values/morals/goals. A few shared interests/hobbies. A similar sense of humour. Quality communication skills on both sides.”

– blackley_jones

8. “Shared life goals – where do you want to live? How many kids do you want, if any? What boundaries do you have with your in-laws and how are you going to adhere to them? If one of you has a once in a lifetime career move, how will you support each other?

Shared financial goals – how do you spend money? What do you value spending money on? Do you respect the money that your SO spends on their hobbies? Do you have alignment on savings and investments and how you approach them? How do you split your bills, and do you both feel like it’s fair?”

“Shared values – do you align in what marriage looks like and what relationship responsibilities each of you have? Morally, do you agree on key beliefs or at least respect each other’s beliefs even if you disagree with them? What parenting styles do you hold, if you’re having kids, and how are you going to approach conflict and disagreements? It’s more than being a best friend, which requires only being there for another person, it’s about building what a happy, healthy partnership looks like to you.”

– fridgetheavenger

9. “Feeling totally natural and at ease around them. Not feeling the need to hide much. Not feeling like you need to look a certain way or act a certain way to earn their love.”

– nursejooliet

10. “With my SO, it’s like we both are the light to each other’s darkness. We balance each other out. We support each other’s dreams, passions and ambitions in life. Yes we have differences but we don’t let that come in between us. However our views, beliefs and, thoughts are VERY similar.”

– SnooDoughnuts231

11. “It feels easy, and even boring at times. But that’s only because there is a shared sense of values and morals. I don’t feel that hot passion like I did in the beginning, but now instead, when I look at him, I feel home.”

– yesiknowimsexy

12. “They make you want to be a better person, and you feel like your truest self around them. You have similar values but you may think or approach problems differently.”

– arch_quinn

I am bawling, you guys!