Sex is nothing but an art and not everyone can instantly become an artist. It requires time, patience and most importantly… a partner.  

Okay jokes apart, while you’re being all intense during sex, you can also mess up big time. Don’t let your cheeks turn red out of embarrassment because you aren’t the only one!

Redditors are discussing the times they messed up in bed with their partners and the responses are hilarious AF.

1. “He farted in my face during a 69 and I died.”

2. “Passing out during a blowjob because you’re too drunk.”

3. “My girlfriend and I were going at it in a spooning position facing towards the TV. All of a sudden my mom walks in, at this point my dick is still inside her when she goes “Oh hello Ms. ____ nice to finally meet you.” The first time my gf met my mom, I was inside her.”

4. “Squeezing too hard on Mr. Penis. Dudes always say they like a tight pussy, but I must be cutting of their circulation, or bending them at an angle or something.”

5. “Punched her in the face changing positions too enthusiastically.. Nice shiner for about a week!”

6. “Fell asleep during sex on my wedding night. I had been up since 5 am and it was 3 am. As soon as I was on the bed my exhaustion hit me.”

7. “Got really drunk at a party and passed out while my wife was riding me.”

8. “I blasted a fart as I was cumming once. I was so embarrassed.”

– 1980pzx

Too many oopsies.