Imagine skipping the starters and jumping straight to the main course? That’s exactly how stupid sex is without foreplay. Foreplay blossoms the sexual tension between you and your partner by physical and mental stimulation. It can dramatically improve sex or hell, it’s better than ‘the session’ itself! 

Redditors have revealed why the ‘act’ is unmissable. So read and keep your couch, back of the cab, or even your wall ready at your service, while you turn the temperature up with your partner!

1. “A majority of women can’t climax from PiV, so they need oral sex and/or digital sex. Clitoral stimulation is key.”

2. “Oral sex is the main event for me! I don’t really consider that foreplay either? Not that I don’t like penetrative sex, I really do enjoy that! But it’s not the most important part.”

3. “Foreplay to me is more making out, the buildup, touching, the undressing, etc. Very very important!! Sometimes it’s nice skip all that for a quickie I guess, but in general: yes it’s important. The better the buildup, the better the sex in my experience.”

4. “If you’re not interested in doing things that make your partner feel aroused- or if doing those things doesn’t give you a sensation of arousal- you are probably dating the wrong person.”

5. “Foreplay is a part of the sex. Might be THE most important part of the sex. To me it’s like the cooking part of a dish; if you don’t do it right, the taste will suck.”

6. “My SO and I will sometimes spend an hour or two just making out and grinding against each other before our hands even begin to wander toward our genitals. Enjoy the entire person you’re in bed with, not just the plumbing. Foreplay is so powerful and exciting because, unlike PiV, it has the ability to be different every time.”

7. “Well it’s important because it takes a while for a woman to get aroused compared with a man. A man can get a boner instantaneously.”

– Anonymous 

8. “It’s pretty important, because I need a few minutes of it to help me relax enough to have pain-free sex.”

9. “Foreplay to me is part of the whole package of sex. She will get sick of you just wanting to stick your dick in her. Take time to enjoy each other, kissing, caressing. Go down on her and enjoy it. Give to her don’t just take.”

10. “Imagine rubbing your fingers on sand paper… Now think about how it must feel to a woman who is not wet.”

11. “In order for her to remove her thoughts from other things and focus on you, she needs to be pulled in and kept in.”

12. “The teasing/foreplay can make the sex so much better. Also, it will help make your girl wet.”

13. “Build the tension. Neck kisses! When you’re done kissing her, slowly kiss your way down to her throat. Hands still in hair, lick her neck, kiss it softly, nibble a little. Then play with her breasts – caress, lick, nibble, suck, flick, blow… whatever she likes. Find out what she likes by paying close attention to how she reacts (or ask her!). You get the general idea, hopefully.”

14. “The female sexual response system is a more complicated than just responding to physical stimulus. Tease her with your finger, don’t finger her or even rub her clit, just really light gentle touching. Make out passionately and rub your bodies together. Give her a full body massage and finish on her clit.”

15. “Male foreplay: I’ll kiss his neck, nibble his ear, take his shirt off, undo his belt (usually they’ll just take their own pants off after that) then start touching his junk like over his underwear, eventually pull it out (and play w the balls), kiss down his torso and then suck it.”

*Switches on the AC*