Oftentimes, we are expected to share everything with our partners. From what we are thinking, feeling, and hoping for, it becomes a way to open up with our partners. 

While partially it’s true, sometimes it’s best to keep some thoughts or things to ourselves. Redditors are listing down secrets they could never tell their partners, and you might agree with some of them.

1. “When my girlfriend and I go out to eat at a restaurant, they will sometimes let us order food through our phones at the table. I’ll insist on ordering because it lets me write in their “special instructions” box where I request if they could compliment her outfit. Honestly, I think I get just as much enjoyment seeing her reaction. I can never let her know.”


2. “The wholesome answer? That our youngest son’s first word wasn’t “mama”. She was having a busy time at work and already felt guilty about not being home as much. Naturally he spent the most time with me so his first word was “papa”. I kept my mouth shut and waited until he said “mama” and celebrated that as his first word.”


3. “I faked the first 6 orgasms with her. I just wasn’t going to cum due to anxiety but I knew she’d be so self-conscious to the point of dumping me if I didn’t. So I pulled out and “came” in a towel or sock. Eventually, I got there with her after the nerves calmed but I’m taking that secret to the fucking grave lmao.” 


4.”Sometimes I just sit in my car outside work or our apartment for 20-30 minutes because I need some time alone. I have my mind full to the brim at work and rarely get time in the house alone. Sometimes I just need it to be quiet and not have to pay attention to anything!”


5. “When I play video games and my wife isn’t here, I narrate what I do and respond to fake questions from a non-existent chat like I’m some kind of big shot streamer. I even look at a fake camera when something happens lol.”


6. “That’s as much as I love him, with all my heart and soul, even after a decade of being together, his relentless negativity and pessimism do my head in sometimes.”


7. “My husband complains about being in pain so much that I feel like there’s no room for me to be in pain. And sometimes I really resent that. I have a chronic health condition that I have no choice but to manage well because he wouldn’t know what to do if he had to care for me like I have to care for him. Sucks but it is what it is.”


8. “That time I asked you if I could have the last cookie, I implied there was only one left when there were actually two. I wanted both of them and didn’t want to share. They were delicious and I have no regrets.”


9. “My wife shit while delivering our son. Something she was terrified she would do. The nurse cleaned up very quickly and gave me a look that needed no explanation. I never said a word. She talked after delivery about how happy she was that didn’t happen to her. I’ll let her keep that peace of mind for life.”


10. “Whenever she’s not home, I let the dog onto the bed and take a really comfy nap. I set an alarm for an hour and kick the dog off and clean the fur off before she ever gets home. I’ve been doing this for nearly 3 years now.”


11. “I’ve been so depressed lately. I do not like my job. I have crippling anxiety driving to work every day. I’m in six-figure debt so I can’t leave. I can’t provide the life my family deserves and it’s only going to get tighter in the coming months. I cry most days.”


12. “That I found the man who was speaking improperly to our very young daughter and made sure it wouldn’t happen again.”


13.”I don’t know why I can’t tell her. But lately (3 years of marriage and a 9-month-old) I am more attracted to her than ever. It becomes distracting as I think about it all day sometimes. I think I’m embarrassed that it used to be a more ‘average’ attraction and now it is in overdrive, been this way for months. I know it probably sounds silly but Idk it just feels like I became a different person recently.”


14. “She was a lot to handle, from seasonal depression, anxiety, and mood swings, but I still loved her. Also, didn’t want to tell her that I was overwhelmed with work due to the opportunities the new job offered.”


15. “I lost my virginity to her sister, years and years ago. At this point, 6 years into our relationship, I’ve never told her, and I’m assuming her sister hasn’t either. Her sister and I pretend like it never happened. At the beginning it was awkward, but now it’s basically forgotten.”


16. “There is an ex that I will never get over. My life has moved on, and circumstances have extracted our lives entirely, but he is on my mind every day. More often than not, he pops into my head when I’m intimate with other men. If he ever came into my life again I’m afraid I would drop everything to be with him.”

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