It’s 2022! And among the many goals, you have set for this year, good sex should top the list. Bring on that wild side and unleash all those kinks and desires you have. 

Creating a sex bucket list adds variety to your sexual routine. And we might have an exciting sex bucket list for you to try every month. So hang on with us to make 2022 your best lovemaking year. 

Here’s your sex bucket list for the next 12 months that includes fun and lots of orgasms. 

January: New Year, New Sex Positions

The new year calls for some new things to try, in or outside the bed. With winter blues around the corner, you must try some positions that keep you & your partner warm. 

February: Bring on some sex games

To add a little more newness to the new year, give sex games a try. You could start with a dirty Pictionary, blindfolds, or even handcuffs to make the final act fun.

March: Reenact your favorite TV sex scene

March may be a time with a lot of work pressure. But this doesn’t have to cool things down inside the bedroom. Take some inspo watching romantic scenes from Bridgerton or any other show you like, now try to recreate one. 

April: Try a sexual fantasy

Don’t get fooled with April fool’s vibes. I’m sure you & your partner have plenty of unrequited sexual fantasies on your mind. What better way to freshen up your sex life than fulfilling those sexual desires? Pick some of the hottest fantasies & try them. 

May: Rip each other’s clothes off

Call it a naked day. The weather is hot outside, and fewer or no clothes are kinda necessary. So if you and your partner are alone, do everything you normally do, but without any clothes. Go on and dance naked to your favourite songs too. 

June: Have sex all over your house. 

It’s time to move beyond the bedroom. Yeah, I am talking about the kitchen, living room, table, couch, and anywhere you can think of! Don’t leave a room you have fantasized about. 

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July: Use a sex toy

Listen up! Sex toys are not enemies but your friends. Using vibrators only adds more pleasure. Order a sex toy you have never tried before and use it.

August: Add some food to the bedroom.

Yup, I am talking whipped cream, chocolate sauce, strawberries, and everything else you saw in Fifty Shades of Grey. The fun part is eating it all off!

September: Try morning sex 

Is there a better way to start a day than with an orgasm? With lots of cuddling and intimacy, you can just make your day awesome. 

October: Beat the October heat in the shower.

Grab your partner inside the shower and enjoy the session together. Showering together is an incredibly sensual and romantic activity you should not miss. 

November: Try to have non-intercourse sex

November is the time of giving it all back! Having a lot of oral sex, and making sure your partner is happy should be your goal.

December: Make foreplay & after play a routine.

The holiday season keeps you all goofed up inside the bed. We suggest you make foreplay & after play a routine in December. Because, hey, foreplay is a session itself and after play helps you bond with your partner!

May the new year be filled with lots of love & pleasure!

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