The general lack of real talk post sex actually leaves no room for improvement in bed. What you might assume as your perfect move could just be a mistake in the dark, you never know.

As we bid adieu to 2021, it’s time to say goodbye to the errors you unintentionally make in bed too. Redditors are talking about the sex mistakes their partners often make in bed, may be you should read and take notes?

1. “Almost every handjob I have ever received feels like I’m having my penis yanked out of its’ socket.”

– ddudzi

2. “Ripping off of clothes too fast.”

3. “Easy with the bouncy bounce during reverse cowgirl.. Penis isn’t meant to fold in half.”

4. “Treating my dick like a trampoline when on top. It’s easy to get carried away I get it but in the blink of an eye, I could lose all I hold dear to me.”

5. “When we say ‘don’t stop’, DON’T START SPEEDING UP! Keep doing EXACTLY what you’re doing, for fuck’s sake.”

6. “Lack of post coitus snuggle. I hate abrupt endings.’

7. “Treating the clit like they’re scrubbing a pan clean.”

8. “When we say ‘I’m going to cum’ THAT DOES NOT MEAN STOP WHAT YOURE DOING.”

9. “Don’t try to discretely insert your finger in my asshole, we know what your up to, if you want to try it just ask.”

10. “Faking pleasure. If something isn’t working for you, let the guy know.”

– Zahfier

11. “Switching positions a lot. I don’t want to feel like a chicken getting grilled. One or two for sessions are perfect for me. No, it does not get boring.”

12. “Slobbery wet kissing. Being drooled on is a huge turn off.”

13. “Thinking that real women like what porn actresses pretend to like.”

14. “Please learn how to use your fingers! 1.Cut your nails 2. Don’t try to rub a hole in my clit 3. Don’t poke! It hurts! 4. CUT YOUR DAMN NAILS!!!!”

– Dolliiy

15. “The head push. We will go down on you when we are ready/willing.”

– Frtyto

Drop these habits and give a sizzling start to 2022!