Have you been thinking about some steamy bedroom romp... with *yourself*? Are you ready to take the next step in your relationship with your Miss V? Were you struggling with finding the right sex toy for spicing self-pleasure up? Are you a vagina owner?


If you screamed yes to these questions, then take this quiz and we'll tell you which sex toy to buy! And here comes the quiz in one... two... seven... seven... seven!


1. What's your sexual fantasy like?

2. Do you prefer that your arms do the workout or automatic can do the trick?

3. What kind of stimulation does the trick for you?

4. What kind of sex toys you would prefer, if asked?

5. What areas do you stimulate the most?

6. What excites you the most?

7. What should your sex toy look like?

7. What should your sex toy look like?
via The New York Times

8. Have you had any experience with self-pleasure?

9. What is your budget like?