Everyone believes they know their spouse both inside and out. And why wouldn’t you, considering that someone only enters a relationship like that when they feel they know the other person?

However, we all have secrets—good or bad—that we simply keep to ourselves and carry with us to the grave. Of course, until one’s spouse unintentionally finds out.

And things were unraveled in a Reddit thread where a user urged other Redditors to reveal the most shocking items they discovered among their spouse’s belongings.

1. “When my husband passed away, I found a garage door opener in his car. We don’t use one and neither did he at work. I have no idea what garage it opens.”


2. “A notebook full of beautiful sketches of trees, rivers, landscapes, animals, and people. He didn’t tell me he was an artist, so I was a bit shocked to find out that he was so talented.”


3. “A list of reasons why she should leave me and why the guy she was cheating with was better than me.”


4. “An excel spreadsheet of all previous sexual partners with stats/scores for each based on different criteria (he is a D&D nerd and it almost read like a character sheet). I had a top score, but it is still disturbing…”


5. “My wife has a used heroin needle. She says that it’s the needle her mother overdosed with. I noticed it about 20 years ago when I was sorting through shit. I found a random needle with no cap and kind of freaked out. It now has its own sealed case, so it can’t stab anyone.”


6. “A short note I had written to her on our 3rd date. Apparently, I was waiting in her car for her to come out of work, so I wrote a short note about how much fun I was having dating her and how gorgeous she always looks. It was late in the evening, so I stuck it in her sunglasses case for her to find at a later time that week. Okay, this was like 15 years ago. Damn, I was romantic.”


7. “My ex-boyfriend had a tin full of his toenail clippings that he, for some reason, saved. There. I said it. I might hurl again.”


8. “His ex-wife’s wedding gown. Apparently, he had used it for a Halloween party and then stashed it away in the attic.”


9. “A 10-inch strap-on, nothing wrong with that, but she was a very quiet religious girl, so it was quite a surprise!”


10. “Her diary goes into detail about how she hopes I get COVID and die so she can raise our daughter with someone else.”


11. “A secret bank account to pay for prostitutes. A secret UPS PO Box.”


12. “Incest porn. There is a lot of incest porn.”


13. “A marriage license with someone else’s name.”


14. “The Big Bang series, season 3. She doesn’t have any other seasons and I’ve never seen her watch the show.”


15. “An antique baby spoon. I found it in my boyfriend’s glove compartment when he asked me to look for something else. Turns out it’s his father’s first baby spoon. It’s been in there for years.”


We never really know anyone, then.