Google defines toxic as “poisonous or very harmful/unpleasant in a pervasive or insidious way.” People are labeled ‘toxic’ today left, right, and center. But it is time for some serious introspection. 


It is so easy to reduce somebody’s worth by calling them toxic. You must have heard it in your intimate circle as well. “Dude, that guy is toxic. Stay away from him.” “She’s toxic AF. You don’t want to be with someone like her.” 

But sometimes, the actual story is a little twisted. Sometimes the accuser is the one to be blamed, and we miss. Here are some alarming signs for you to identify whether you’re the one perpetuating toxicity.

1. You can’t stand people with an opinion different from yours.

2. You constantly like to diss and talk shit about other people behind their back.

3. You like to control the life of your loved ones and get pissed when they don’t follow your commands.

4. You have this itching need to win every argument. You cannot accept when you are wrong.

5. You are rude and disrespectful towards service staff

6. You are cruel to animals.

7. You tend to make your friends feel guilty about doing better in life.

8. All you like talking about is yourself and you don’t care about what other people have got to say.

9. You tell offensive jokes to hurt someone delibrately.

10. You pass on targeted ‘sexist,’ ‘homophobic,’ ‘racist’ remarks.

11. You are perpetually dishonest.

12. You bully people who you think are ‘weaker’ than you.

13. You diss your country for not being clean. But then, you also litter in public spaces.

14. You lack empathy and don’t give a shit about how people around you are feeling.

15. You get all pessimistic whenever your friends experiment new ideas in life.

16. You are rude to people for no reason at all.

Nobody is flawless. But if you’re guilty of any of these, then maybe it’s time to work on yourself before calling out others.