Sure boyfriends can be annoying sometimes, well most of the time really. But when they wiggle their cute little tushy and shower you with love and affection, you realise it all might just be worth it. When your dog does the same, it just keeps getting better and better. And sometimes your boyfriend and your dog are the same people.

Does your BF do these 8 things? Cause if he does then he’s a golden retriever BF!

1. He’s hyper-social

Supreme extrovert, makes friends wherever he goes. From dhobiwala to the paros wali aunty, no one is safe from his dorky humour and relentless optimism. 

2. He likes to be pet

He constantly asks you to stroke his hair, scratch his chin and rub circles on his back to get the chills.

3. He’s the little spoon in the relationship

What can you say? The man would sell his soul for some cuddles. No matter when, where or how, he is always ready to get some.

4. He’s fuzzy AF

You can never, ever in a million years get him to shave. The man has been accumulating a fur coat ever since the day he was born.

5. He’s attentive AF

No matter how small or big the situation, whenever you need him, you’ll find him there for you.

7. He’s forever horny

Will hump anytime, anywhere.

8. He attracts everyone around him

His jubilant personality and glaring exuberance are enigmas. Everyone is drawn to him, everyone wants to be friends with him, and worst of all for you, everyone wants to date him. After all, this charisma is what drew you to him in the first place.