It’s natural to want a relationship for a lifetime. But not every couple is destined to live a ‘happily ever after’. If butterflies in the stomach are a sign of falling in love, then there are signs of the magic fading away too, it’s just that you’re not ready to see them.  

Redditors are discussing the warning signs that indicate you’re falling out of love. It might be a sign that you need to put in more effort or a hint to call it quits. Figure that out.

1. “When you envision the future, you’re envisioning it without them being a part of it.”

2. “If you find yourself completely unable to take them seriously and roll your eyes mentally at everything they do, it’s a pretty strong sign that you’re falling out of love.”

3. “You never think of your partner while at work and you’re not excited to get home to them. You don’t like talking about them to co-workers and feel like a liar when you say everything’s good.”

Women’s Health

4. “When you’re happier and more relaxed the moment you’re not around them.”

Best Life

5. “Hanging out with them feels like a chore, not like something you actually want to do.”


6. “You’re with them because you’re afraid of being alone, or think it’s too late to find someone else.”


7. “What you used to find endearing or attractive about them annoys you.”
– Anonymous 

8. “You feel like you’re ‘trapped’ in this relationship.”

9. “You’re having less sex…and when you do have it, it just feels…empty. Like you’re just (in both a literal and figurative sense) going through the motions.”

10. “when you disagree, you can’t discuss it like civilized adults. And it seems all you ever do is get into nasty fights.”

11. “Even though you’re physically in the same room together, it feels as though the other person’s thoughts and emotions are elsewhere.”
– Back2Bach 


12. “You see the differences but it’s always negotiable when you’re in love. Once you’re out of it you just get fed up with things.”

13. “You leave them for a week or two and you are relieved and do not miss them.”
– Anonymous 

14. “You start making lists of pro’s and con’s for staying vs. leaving.”

15. “You start finding other people not just more physically attractive than your partner, but mentally and emotionally more attractive, too. Basically you often fantasize about being in a relationship with someone new.”

As Fred Rogers said it- ‘Love’ is not an adjective. It is a verb. Just like ‘struggle’. You can’t just sit back and wait for the change to happen.