The art to perform the deed comes in handy to those couples who communicate in bed. To be fair, it’s hard to spot if your partner has orgasmed or not if they have a masterclass in acting. But here’s a thing: it takes time to discover what helps your partner to climax, so maybe hang in there a little.   

Meanwhile, people on Reddit have spotted some tell-tale signs that your partner is faking an orgasm. Read on.

1. “During a real orgasm, pupils dilate, cheeks flush, nipples harden, and the vaginal walls contract. Most of these things can’t be faked, but I promise if you’re paying too close attention to the “signs,” she’s not orgasming any time soon. Pro-tip: Stimulate her clit while penetrating. (Or have her do it herself.) It’s hard not to orgasm that way.”


2. “Depends on the position. And I don’t want a girl who fakes it. I’d rather hear “I’m not going to come right now” than have her fake it. If she fakes it, I just get reinforced doing things that don’t work for her. You learn the best ways to please each individual. Faking just rewards the wrong behavior.”


3. “Most women have involuntary contractions in their lower stomach/pelvis that you’ll notice if you’re putting in good work. It’s not so much about noise as it is about what their body is doing. Legs freaking out and doing weird shit is typically good, not like, stuff you think is sexy, but stuff that makes you second guess if they’re being possessed because legs shouldn’t be able to bend the way they are.”


4. “This is one of those games where the only way to win is not to play. Bottom line is that I have, over the years, developed a decent set of skills at my disposal and have a decent “starting point”, so to speak. But the woman I am with is responsible for her own orgasms. It is up to her to let me know what she likes or if I need to be doing something different. That said, I find that involuntary flushing on the chest is a good indicator a lot of the time.”


5. “My dick isn’t dripping wet. At least with the girls, I’ve been with that beyond the climax noises, the biting of my traps, the hands grasping deep into my back, and that wrestler-like leg wrap they do there is a sudden gush of wetness that you can feel and audibly hear as you’re pounding her as she cums.”


6. “It’s their body that gives it away. They’ll get much wetter and many will have some amount of full-body or torso spasm that they can’t control.”


7. “Look at her toes, feel her hips thrust, watch her if she bits her lips. Shakira said hips don’t lie, that works sometimes.”


8. “Take this with a grain of salt, as it came from the show Manswers and I don’t know how much truth is in it, but it said when women orgasm our face and thighs flush with blood as an autonomic response to the orgasm.”


9. “Experience. Once you’ve been with a person enough, you know what the real thing looks, feels, and sounds like.”


10. “It can be difficult or even impossible to tell. I’ve found that open and honest communication keeps it from being a problem. I told my wife from the beginning that she should never feel like she has to fake it to appease my ego. There’s never any pressure on her that she “has to get there”. She doesn’t orgasm every time we have sex, and we’re both ok with that. When we have sex, I typically just ask her if she wants to orgasm.”


11. “After she “cums”, immediately go and stimulate her clit right away. If she knocks your hand away that means she did orgasm, and it’s still sensitive and she needs to recover for a bit. If she starts “moaning” right away, then that means she never orgasmed.”


12. “If it’s a controlled sound, it’s fake. If she sounds unhinged, grunting, groans, etc., it’s real. When I have an orgasm during sex, I can’t control the sounds that come out of my mouth.”


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