Love is blind. But the fair side of the argument suggests that it should be so blind that you choose to ignore the manipulative relationship you’re stuck in.

Although you and your partner are magnetically attracted towards each other,  consider how many times you’ve tried to address their behaviour that you aren’t fond of and the discussion was more mentally frying than an 8am physics class!

While some of you might not even realise that trapped in a daldal which is difficult to come out of. So keep reading as we have compiled some Reddit responses on the same isssue and they’re absolutely on point.

1. “Guilt trips for things you shouldn’t feel guilty for is a huuuuge one.”


2. “Does it seem like everything is always somehow your fault? Do you find yourself apologizing for things you shouldn’t have to? Are you constantly walking on eggshells to avoid upsetting her (him?) It is definitely hard to notice, especially if you love them. Sometimes you just have to take a step back and try to look from another perspective. It sucks, but it happens.”

Love Devani

3. “One of the big red flags is isolation. Do they insist you spend less time with family and friends than before?”

American Psychological Association

4. “Do you find everything is about them? Every choice is what they want? My sister went through this with her ex husband. In the beginning of their relationship everything was 50/50. As the marriage went on slowly every decision became focused on him. This affected her finances, social life, and health. It wasn’t a quick progression, but slowly she lost control of making decisions that were in her interest.”

Dr Sagar Mundada

5. “Saying ‘just break up with me then’ every time you try to bring up their toxic behaviour”


6. “Willingness to ruin a special occasion over something small – for example if you go out for their birthday, and they decide they’re mad at you, them not talking to you and ruining the night Rather than just letting it go and talking about it later.”


7. “Giving you the illusion of choice but when you choose something they don’t like they argue against it.”

New Love Times

8. “Doing something nice for you not because they are being genuine, they want something in return and expect you to act a certain way when you receive said nice action.”


9. “Put-downs. Overtime they want to control your behavior by making you ashamed of behavior they don’t like. The jokes they would’ve laughed at early on, become little eye rolls or put-downs after a few months.”

Families for Life

10. “Don’t Respect Boundaries: You ask them not to do something, they stop for a day or so…then right back to doing it.”


11. “Lies. Manipulative people don’t want to play by the rules. They lie to cover up behavior they know would break your trust or risk the relationship but have no qualms asking you to do the same.”


12. “Do you find yourself unsure of reality, because they keep convincing you that what you thought was true wasn’t, especially about things that they did? Do you start thinking about wanting to record their actions for proof, or have witnesses?”
–  JaronK


You mental health should top your priority list, remember that.