Lovemaking isn’t simply a job, it’s an art. And you know, not everybody can do it right. While you have overestimated your ‘skills’ in bed but aren’t sure if your partner’s liking it then it’s time to get a reality check. Keep reading to learn about the not-so-apparent signs of your partner being dissatisfied in bed, it won’t really bruise your ego.

1. They never initiate sex. 

Yes, the popular notion says women aren’t usually the ones to initiate sex. But if it’s been long and she’s not recognising your triggers at all, then may be it’s time to get curious. Try communicating and introspect what changes you can bring to turn on your partner in bed.

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2. Doesn’t give feedback. 

They might not verbally express how good you make them feel in bed. So look closely at the physical signs if they’re panting, have flushed skin, curled toes, or clutching the sheet. If you aren’t turning them on, none of this will be apparent, and they may simply lie down.


3. They usually micromanage your moves. 

Nothing’s sexier than a woman leading in bed. In fact, it’s a major turn on for men. But if she starts critically micromanaging your moves, it might be a hint that you’re not listening to her or her bodily signs and she wants more than you offer in bed.


4. They don’t care if they orgasm or not. 

Sex is great but when it becomes merely a duty, it really isn’t. If they’re only helping you to finish off and don’t care orgasming themselves, this means they aren’t enjoying the session and want to get done with it ASAP.

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5. They often go to bed before you. 

Your partner may have had a tough day at work, so they had gone to bed early. But if you start noticing this pattern more frequently than before, then they’re probably ​trying to avoid intimacy simply because they aren’t happy with your performance.


6. They masturbate right after having sex with you. 

Let’s face it, the orgasm gap is real. If your girlfriend is having secret sessions with herself after you’ve had sex and it’s getting consistent, then it’s most likely because you’re not getting her off.


7. They seem mentally checked out. 

According to you, you’re having a great session but the moment you care to notice there aren’t any verbal or non-verbal signs of your partner enjoying it, you know they’ve been mentally absent during sex. Remember great sex = mutual pleasure. 


8. There’s no post-sex intimacy. 

The intimacy post-sex is as essential as the session itself. If you really satisfied your partner in bed, they’d probably want to snuggle with you and tell what they liked doing and what they’d want to try next, strengthening your emotional connection. But if they’re frustrated, they’d rather turn her back and go to sleep.


9. They talk about how ‘great’ of a sex life others have.

You’re usually obsessed with what you are missing out in life. If you find your partner is constantly talking about her bestfriend and her partner having a fantastic sex life, then you probably aren’t pressing her right buttons in bed.

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Guys, it isn’t over yet. You can identify these signs, have a conversation with your partner and make love just the way they like it.